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Five North Chocolates- Feature Story

October 28th 2020

At just 21, Ben Conrad started Five North Chocolates. He was compelled to start a Fair Trade Chocolate company after a trip to Ecuador where he witnessed the devastating effects of exploitation on...

Maven Women - Seller Feature

October 21st 2020

Made only from Organic Cotton, Maven Women is created using only fair trade in India. With their support for Woman Entrepreneurship, they are an amazing brand that deserves to be read about....

Ama Ella - Seller Feature

October 14th 2020

AmaElla, one of our newest sellers, is a social enterprise whose mission is to encourage ethical behavior in fashion through sustainable and ethical sourcing. Their garments are made-to-order in a...

Ponytail Mafia - Seller Feature

October 7th 2020

An Austin, Texas-based, woman-owned business, Ponytail Mafia is a fashion brand with size-inclusive available. Meant to make you feel invincible, read more on its beginnings or browse their ...

Alexandria Main - Seller Feature

September 30th 2020

Alexandria Main is a woman empowering, gorgeous loungewear brand that puts Cambodia Women on economically stable paths. Continue reading on what makes Alexandria Main so special, or browse their...

Alta Andina - Seller Feature

September 23rd 2020

Alta Andina provides beautiful leather accessories made with nature in mind. They support the local communities of the Andes region and love to help out the environment of the local area. Read...

Agaati- Feature Story

September 9th 2020

Agaati produces original and bold designs inspired by their culture and history. Agaati's collection is made in India by skilled artisans. Shop their collection, and learn more about how they...

Abby Alley- Feature Story

July 28th 2020

Abby Alley is a Chicago-based design brand that creates fashion collections in East Africa. Abby Alley partners with skilled artisans in Kenya and Tanzania to produce ethical products made out of...

The Real Cost Of Fast Fashion

July 3rd 2020

Fast fashion has become increasingly popular in the last decade. As consumer demand increases for affordable, trendy clothes, the market has responded. Fast fashion retailers have been popping up...

Conscious Coffees - Seller Features

May 22nd 2020

A Boulder, Colorado-based company, Conscious Coffee knows that doing things the right way doesn't mean the cheapest. Keep reading to find out what makes their coffee so special, or check out their