Capsule Couture Be Fashionable Even With Just Choice Clothes

Posted on October 2nd 2020

Capsule Couture Be Fashionable Even With Just Choice Clothes

October 2nd 2020

More is less has been the battle cry of minimalism, whether it is in art or clothing. Yet there is one more area where this motto shines, which is the field of fashion. During this time, when fast fashion is frown upon more than praised, finding that middle ground that makes your fashion sense shine is one big challenge.

Yet there are ways to succeed in this. Whether you aspire to be like Audrey Hepburn or be a more fashionable yet still Earth-friendly individual who screams their style, here are a few things to remember about sustainable yet superb fashion.

Dress How You Impress

When people reach a certain point in their careers, they are able to carve their image and reputation. Thus, more girl bosses find that their leadership styles can be reflected in the way they dress. If you like dominance and assertiveness, power suits and those that fall in a similar style category may be the perfect fit.

Minimalist style experts suggest that wearing what you want to portray is a good criterion for weeding out unwanted clothing. Also, this makes shopping for new clothes easier. If you already have a style in mind, you are more likely to steer clear of those that do not blend in.

Wear Only What You Love

Fast fashion promotes the dangerous habit of “wear it now.” When something new catches the eye on the nearest rack, it’s easy to think that we need that piece of clothing in our life. However, a lot of people end up wanting it only for a moment. When the time comes to wear it again, they are less likely to pair it with existing clothing because you did not coordinate before buying.

Treat clothing as a big expense. Hence, you need to make sure that each clothing you buy is something you would love to wear again and again. Instead of having “go-to” items in your arsenal, try filling your entire closet with go-to pieces that you will never go wrong in wearing.

Choose And Match Staples And Accessories

Just because you are wearing minimalist fashion does not mean you cannot wear accessories. On the contrary, it’s good to set aside accessories that you already own and see how you can rotate them to punctuate your chosen style.

If you are just decluttering your closet space, don’t forget to set aside accessories. A chunky necklace can transform a plain outfit into a nice smart casual couture. Scarves can add a dash of color in your otherwise plain jumpsuit. The possibilities for mix and match are endless, as long as you know how to combine your staples and main pieces with accessories. Just remember to take good care of accessories so you will not have to keep on buying them.

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