Managing Holiday Stress as a Business Owner

Posted on December 27th, 2019

Managing Holiday Stress as a Business Owner

Managing Holiday Stress as a Business Owner

As the holiday season continues, this time of year can take a toll on our mental and physical health as business owners. An increase in sales is always a good thing, but the higher demand can also mean longer hours and stressful days. To help you manage your business during this busy season, we’ve rounded up a few self-care tips from our Etho team members.


Monica Peraza: Co-Founder

  1. I am passionate about balance, so I schedule my life first: meditation, exercise, sleep.
  2. When I am working, I focus 100 percent on what I have to do until the next thing. You become a little more mindful when you dedicate a certain amount of time to each thing, so you have to ask, “How can I give the best of me to this task right now?’”


Debi Steigerwald: Chief Marketing Officer

  1. Learn to say No: the truth is that you can't do everything. When you try to do it all, both your activity and output suffers. When you only say yes to the most important or what gives you the most joy, you will do the chosen things 100% and done well!
  2. Mind your posture and your breath - it makes you feel more in control and is better for your health! Do a quick breathing exercise every hour; take several slow and very deep breaths. Focusing on your breath can help remove stressful thoughts.

Terrell Sherman: Chief Curator + Co-Founder

  1. The night before, I go through my calendar and line up the day; I try to leave a little breathing space between each call and meeting. 
  2. I try to meditate every morning and evening
  3. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important and I have to stick to a routine to slow my mind down. Meditate, a hot bath and a good read.
  4. Take at least one day a week off - it’s usually Sunday for me. 

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