3 Stylish Ways Anyone Can Create A Sustainable Wardrobe

Posted on January 24th, 2020

3 Stylish Ways Anyone Can Create A Sustainable Wardrobe

3 Stylish Ways Anyone Can Create A Sustainable Wardrobe

In the age of fast fashion, it can be hard to picture the pulling together a half-decent wardrobe with sustainability in mind. It’s not uncommon for sustainable fashion to be discouraging for the average person, considering how some brands labeled as “sustainable” and “ethical” often come hand-in-hand with an impossible price tag. While it can be intimidating, sustainable fashion isn’t as difficult and daunting as most people mistake it to be. Read on for a few tips and tricks you can follow in order to dress more sustainably without compromising function and style.


Invest In Pieces You’ll Love All Year-Round

Let’s face it, we all tend to fall victim to the shiny new displays stores set up every season. Because of fast fashion, the need to keep up with trends has been embedded in our psyches,  making us burn through our paychecks as if it were our civil duty to do so. Shopping isn’t evil, but we must all be conscious of what we purchase, and how often we’ll really be using it. Most of your wardrobe should consist of pieces you can wear all year, so don’t splurge on five new winter coats when you live in a place that only gets cold a few weeks in a year.


Apart from our staples like one or two coats or a little black dress we use for special occasions, we must always ask ourselves “How often am I really going to wear this?” before purchasing anything. It also helps to ask yourself “Will I feel confident if I ran into my worst enemy wearing this?” If the answer is no, you’re probably not gonna wear that item too often. Put it back on the rack.


Re-Organize Your Closet

If you find yourself late for work or school in the morning simply because you can’t find anything to wear in your overly-congested closet, you’re likely in dire need of a little therapeutic organizing. When time permits, take out all the clothes in your closet to find pieces you love but haven’t worn in a while, pieces you’d like to repurpose, and pieces you’d like to donate. Once your closet’s organized, you’ll be reminded of what pieces you already have, hopefully lessening your need to purchase more clothes in the long run.


Support Sustainable Brands And Artisans

It always helps to consciously curate the brands you support and subscribe to. While lessening what you purchase should be of great priority, make sure you shop from sustainable and ethical brands and artisans when you do go out looking for new fashionable finds. Do your research and look for brands that support and uphold ethical practices such as sustainable wages, safe working conditions, and environmentally conscious production. Supporting these brands will not only provide you with a new treasured piece you’ll be loving for years to come, but you’ll also be contributing to a hardworking artisan’s livelihood, encourage ethical brands to carry on, and help protect our planet’s resources as well.


If you’re on the search for sustainable and high-quality pieces for your wardrobe, you’re sure to find something you’ll love from The Etho, an online marketplace exclusively made up of ethically sourced goods from artisans around the world.

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