3 Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2020

Posted on December 19th, 2019

3 Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2020

3 Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2020

Fashion trends typically change every year—and with 2019 closing, it’s hard not to await the new styles that fashion 2020 will bring.


Perhaps a good way to open the year is to welcome a new philosophy, one that has been taking ground, even in the ever-changing world of fashion. Sustainable fashion has slowly gained traction. Both consumers and designers now realize that our finite resources require more creativity to create good, sensible, and striking fashion without sacrificing the environment for it.


Beyond the usual trendy wear and glamour looks, it might be good to check out these trends for a cause that you can practice the next time you shop for clothes and accessories.


Cruelty-free Clothes


Gone are the days when a Cruella de Vil will be admired for her fashion choices. More people, especially millennials, are becoming specific about what they put in their wardrobe. It’s no longer just about skipping leather or fur, though. 


Now, more people are opting for vegan brands, especially those that carry hemp or organic cotton. The best tip for shoppers is to go for sellers or online marketplaces that gather sellers with the same philosophy of cruelty-clothing. This makes it easier to distinguish whether they create clothes cruelty-free, as some do not necessarily advertise it openly or put it on their tags.


It’s just as important to note that cruelty-free is not just limited to animals. You can also support sellers who use organic materials that care for the environment.


Secondhand Sustainables


There’s a reason why secondhand clothes are called “pre-loved”—they brought joy to their previous owners, and they are likely to bring a smile to the next ones. 


While sustainable sourcing and production are undeniably great ways to keep Mother Earth happy and thriving, going for that secondhand buy can bring joy to the wallet and the environment. Data shows that if even one in 100 American families did secondhand shopping, they can save both a billion dollars and a billion pounds of carbon emissions every year. 


Having secondhand clothes may not make you fashion first, but it definitely lets others know that you want to put the Earth first on a path towards sustainability. It goes beyond fashion—it’s a philosophy that you can wear loud and proud.


Responsible Packaging


Beyond the clothes, another practice you can do is to support sellers who use sustainable packaging. Next to the waste of fast fashion, another big concern of the industry is wasteful packaging. Figures show that almost half of the plastics produced are used for packaging all sorts of items, from fashion to food, and our landfills are just brimming with them.


Thus, there is now a call for and from fashion brands to look into reusable packaging, since this is better than breaking down materials for recycling. Some sellers now practice shipping using eco-friendly packages. Others have started using recycled packaging, while also sharing the responsibility with owners by allowing them to request for this type of packaging during shipping.


Being fashionable these days is more than just going with the new trends—it’s also about setting responsible trends and seeing them through. The next time you want to go sustainable, find cruelty-free items, and receive your orders in eco-friendly packaging, check out an item or two from The Etho so you can do your part in the sustainable fashion movement.

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