5 Fast Fashion Habits You Should Slow Down

Posted on September 8th, 2019

5 Fast Fashion Habits You Should Slow Down

5 Fast Fashion Habits You Should Slow Down

We all have bad habits we'd like to break and good lifestyle patterns we want to cultivate. Nobody has all the answers, but here are five fast fashion habits we suggest you break, and five recommendations for replacing them:

BAD HABIT # 1 –Fast and furious buying
BETTER HABIT — Smart shopping

It's okay to not own the latest lingerie or hottest hat. As trends whirl by, trying to keep up with the myriad and ever-rotating styles in today's fast fashion world is exhausting, expensive, and darn near impossible. So, what is smart shopping? It's understanding how you shop and making your purchases based on what is best for you. Being a smart shopper is about buying what will work best for your lifestyle and your wallet––as well as your values––but nobody is shopping their smartest when trying to keep up with fast fashion.

BAD HABIT # 2 — Spur-of-the-moment online orders
BETTER HABIT — Go to the store, shop local!

Make a list before shopping and only purchase those items. Sounds easy, sure, but in big box stores, limiting your purchases can be a challenge––these places are designed to get you to buy more! Are those shiny reflective sneakers on your shopping list? No. But, they should have been, right? No more buts; stick to the essentials and it will feel great to cross off those important items one-by-one.

BAD HABIT # 3 — Purchasing without transparency
BETTER HABIT — Research the manufacturers

Look at that item you're about to buy. Now, look at the brand. Are you aware of the brand's treatment of animals used in its sourcing practices? Its workers' wages? Its policy on employee unions? Its products' environmental impact? If you think critically about your potential purchases, you can make informed choices based on brand-specific research. Feel free to ask #whomademyclothes before you buy. Discovering ethical brands will also open your wardrobe up to many new experiences!

BAD HABIT # 4 — Curating a wardrobe full of statement pieces
BETTER HABIT — Prioritize versatile pieces that you can wear again and again

Having a personal style can be an important part of your self-expression. But, before you buy, ask yourself how many ways you can wear the garment (hint: no matter how hard you try, a pair of sequin overalls won't pair with everything). So, find yourself some adaptable options! Versatile pieces include tops that can be layered or stand on their own or neutral garments that can be combined with those signature pieces.

BAD HABIT # 5 — Throwing away your clothes
BETTER HABIT — Don't throw away your clothes!

There are hundreds of resale stores that would love your too-big dresses and out-of-season shoes. In the United States, we create a lot of textile waste. Seriously, we send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year in spite of the many opportunities out there for us to recycle and donate our clothes.

End The Cycle

Breaking habits can be challenging––big surprise, we know––and making big changes might only feel like a small step away from fast fashion. But you are not alone! These steps are important to the rest of the world because when our collective choices come together, they absolutely can have an impact on the world's waste problem. And, by cultivating just one or two of these better habits, you're part of that solution.

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