Back to Basics Why Responsible Fashion Should Be The Next Biggest Trend

Posted on December 17th, 2019

Back to Basics Why Responsible Fashion Should Be The Next Biggest Trend

Back to Basics Why Responsible Fashion Should Be The Next Biggest Trend

Every year ushers in a new trend. Sometimes, trends come in go mid-year, calling for a change in wardrobe altogether. As more shoppers and fashionistas see the beauty in movements like upcycling, pre-loved buying, and ethical fashion, the idea of responsible fashion is fast becoming a mindset rather than a fleeting trend.


Yet what does it really take to be in yet still be square—in a good way? And is this really possible in the fast, forward, and finicky world of fashion?


How To Make “Being Good” Fashionable


Capitalism may be the Big Bad when it comes to any industry, especially for the smaller but equally sincere players. But because people are now becoming more aware of what they wear, issues such as ethical fashion and sustainability in clothing are now resounding with more shoppers.


Movements in the fashion industry are a tricky matter. On the one hand, trends and innovation are the biggest movers and shakers of the industry. On the other hand, innovation means out with the old to usher in the better, shinier “new.” 


Yet given the pace of the industry’s current production and consumption rates, a good compromise may be to use innovation to ensure sustainability. Beyond the now staple hemp or organic products, sustainable fashion, using expert and creative design, needs to be made mainstream.


In a way, to make ethical and sustainable fashion on-trend goes beyond merely hyping the cause behind the movement. It also requires the basics of good, appealing design to making this kind of fashion a practice, and not just about preaching.


Understanding Sustainable and Ethical Fashion


Yet the question on most people’s lips may be: what do ethical and sustainable fashion mean? Are they one and the same, having similar goals for “good fashion?” The short answer is no. Ethical and sustainable fashion have different thrusts, but they do share some goals.


Ethical fashion concerns itself with every aspect of the production. From ethically sourcing products to fair and respectful compensation for labor, ethical fashion ensures that everything—from materials to manpower—is respected and appreciated.


Sustainable fashion is more focused on unburdening Mother Nature. Thus, the biggest concern is creating fashionable pieces with the least amount of footprint left on the planet. 


Despite differing perspectives and concerns, it is clear that these two branches of fashion combat the same Big Bad: capitalism. The C-word does not have a place in either, especially when, for the most part, it is mostly concerned with profit over proper compensation and sales over proper sourcing and production.


Responsible Fashion On Fleek


Every fashion icon and enthusiast still wants to enjoy the latest trends. What is good with the growing awareness in the fashion industry is the drive to willingness to shop for better fashion choices.


The Etho is one such hub, offering only the most sustainable fashion items, ethically sourced and created for a better impact on the environment and the world. Make sure to check out sellers on The Etho, and be a part of the movement to make sustainable fashion a trend that will stay for good.

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