Be Thankful and Shop Ethical Fashion Trends

Posted on November 21st, 2019

Be Thankful and Shop Ethical Fashion Trends

Be Thankful and Shop Ethical Fashion Trends

Be Thankful and Shop Ethical Fashion Trends


Fashion trends have ruled and ultimately defined how people dress for over centuries. While decades of fashion have brought us trends we loved and loved to hate, a groundbreaking that prioritizes ethics as much as it does form and function is on the rise. While a stylish wardrobe is one thing, making sure your wardrobe’s responsibly and ethically made is another. Here, we list down five of our favorite ethical fashion trends we’d love to see on the runways and on the streets.


Capsule Wardrobes

The concept of capsule wardrobes has been around for a very long time. A capsule wardrobe is essentially a small set of timeless pieces that you wear on the regular, and set aside to pair with seasonal pieces. This trend allows people to unsubscribe to the world’s unhealthy obsession with fast fashion. Equipped with a few high-quality key pieces like classic tops, jeans, and jackets, paired other statement pieces for flair, you can create countless outfit combinations that can last for years. The best part is you can even buy your key pieces from ethical brands, like this embroidered jean jacket that helps Guatemalan women earn fair wages.


Cruelty-Free Fashion

While cruelty-free cosmetics has been a hot topic for years now, the highly ethical trend of cruelty-free fashion has yet to gain its rightful place in the consumer spotlight. Giant fast fashion brands often source their raw materials like cotton and leather from third-world countries with prevalent unfair labor practices, including child labor. Do a bit more research on the brands you’re supporting, and shop from brands that source and create their pieces completely cruelty-free. 


Thrifting and Vintage Fashion

The rise of vintage for the new generation comes hand-in-hand with the love for thrifting. Now, both consumers and influencers are discovering unique pieces and outfit combinations completely through thrifting, or even raiding their parents’ (or even grandparents’) closets. This not only prevents tons of clothes from ending up in landfills, but it also leads people away from the harmful trend of fast fashion.   


Textile Recycling 

Retail giants and young fashion brands alike are now taking part in the eco-friendly movement of textile recycling. Textile recycling works by taking old textiles (fabric scraps, donated clothes, etc.) and processing them into new materials to be used in producing stylish yet eco-friendly pieces, among other things. This process requires much less water and raw materials compared to sourcing newly made textiles and helps reduce the fashion industry’s massive contribution to textile waste.


If this inspires you to embrace ethical fashion trends and shop consciously moving forward, you can start by supporting ethically conscious and responsible brands like The Etho. Created with the intention of connecting fashion consumers with ethical brands and artisans, The Etho has thousands of stylish and ethically produced pieces for every fashion aficionado.

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