Can We Really Make A Difference?

Posted on January 31st, 2020

Can We Really Make A Difference?

Can We Really Make A Difference?

We now live in an age where, more than any other previous generation, we have access to unlimited amounts of information, and often it can seem like too much. The older generation of Baby Boomers are in denial about climate change and picking on its greatest champions, the flood of information everywhere has created a new dilemma about real news versus fake news, and when people see stories about our world, like the fires in Australia, or rising sea levels, everything looks bad.

So is it possible that we can still change things? Should we even try? The answer is “yes,” and here’s why.

Every Person Matters

It’s easy, with all the bad news in the world, to think that what one person does has no significance. But the thing about any major change to the world, especially one that lasts for generations, is that it is never the act of a single person. The biggest changes, whether this is the adoption of a new lifestyle, or even fighting a war against an unjust aggressor, is always about people doing the same thing in large numbers.

An ant can’t do anything by itself. But when millions of ants work together towards a common goal, amazing things happen. The same is true with trying to make a difference. Even when you feel like you’re doing something alone and unseen, it’s part of a global effort.

Bad News Gets Clicks

While it may seem like the world is nothing but bad news due to how omnipresent it can seem in the media landscape, the truth is a little different. It’s not that bad news really is everywhere, so much as bad news, news that causes panic, fright, or other extreme emotions, is more evocative, “exciting” and gets attention.

Good news is often regarded as dull and not worth worrying about. A story about a crime spree in a city is going to be far more “worthy” of coverage than a story about someone who talks a child out of shoplifting, for example. So just because you don’t see the effort to save the world get much airplay, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

It Takes Time

As difficult as it may be to accept, making the world a better place is not an overnight process. The same is true for making it worse. Climate change itself didn’t just happen last year, or even five years ago. It’s taken over a century of concerted environmental abuses to get to where the world is now.

That means that you may not see an immediate difference, but you are making one with every new day. Choose sustainable solutions. Eat fair trade, organic food. Reduce plastic use and consumption. All of these things, every day, can make a little bit of a difference, and, over time, that can make a big difference. You just can’t see it from here.

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