Dazzle At Your Next Brunch Date With These Sustainable Fashion Ideas

Posted on January 21st, 2020

Dazzle At Your Next Brunch Date With These Sustainable Fashion Ideas

Dazzle At Your Next Brunch Date With These Sustainable Fashion Ideas

Many people get confused by the terms sustainable and fashion. Therefore, this post is going to break things down to make everything straightforward and easy to understand. According to an article on The Frontlash website, sustainable fashion refers to clothing that becomes produced, sold, and distributed with less human and environmental harm than traditional methods. The movement also revolves around ethical practices. In other words, purchasing such products ensures that the workers were treated and paid fairly.


Many times, the items are vegan as well. That means that no animals or animal by-products were used in creating the clothes. If sustainable fashion contains the word organic, the crops utilized for the creation of the pieces did not receive any harsh chemicals or pesticides. On some occasions, clothing labels will contain the words recycled materials. All that is saying is that it is made from recycled fabrics.

Hopefully, this information provides you with a better understanding of sustainable fashion. Now, let's move on to what you came here for, clothing options that are sure to impress at your next brunch. Hence, curious persons should stay put and read on to learn more.


  1. Evelyn Ruffle Cami Tunic Dress

    This garment is perfect for those who want to look sweet and edgy. It has adjustable straps to ensure that the wearer can get the dress to fit just right. Also, there is a ruffle toward the top that gives the piece feminine appeal. Various accessories such as a biker jacket, shawl, leggings, boots, and strappy shoes go well with the apparel. Therefore, it is easy for the wearer to create the statement that they seek.

    To make things even sweeter, no dry cleaning is required with this dress. Instead, the owner merely has to wash the unit in cold water. Then, they can choose to either hang dry the clothing or dry it flat.


  1. Black Cotton Jumpsuit

    The shell and lining of this jumpsuit are 100-percent cotton. As such, it is extremely soft and comfortable. This piece is stylish and sexy, meaning that the wearer is sure to get admired wherever they go. Unique twist details are found on the back for aesthetics. Meanwhile, the zip-up front makes it a cinch to put on or take off the jumpsuit. Additionally, this option is simple to care for too. So, go ahead, spoil yourself and order one today.


  1. Beatles T-Shirt

    Men's clothing is available at The Etho as well. After all, gentlemen deserve to look their best while heading out for a brunch date too. This graphic t-shirt is 100-percent cotton for comfort. It is designed in-house and features the members of The Beatles front and center. The characters are in black and white, but they are wearing red sunglasses that stand out and pop. This piece is great for showing others that you are a fan of the group. Plus, it can serve as a conversation starter to get things going and break the ice.


Visit The Etho for all of your sustainable fashion needs.

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