Finding Affordable and Sustainable Fashion Options for Your Closet

Posted on February 28th, 2020

Finding Affordable and Sustainable Fashion Options for Your Closet

Finding Affordable and Sustainable Fashion Options for Your Closet

Many of us want to fill our closets with affordable clothing and accessory options that we feel good about wearing and purchasing. However, sometimes it can prove to be quite the challenge to find items we can afford and check all the boxes when it comes to lessening our impact on the environment as well.

However, you should not give up hope. You can find affordable and sustainable fashion options for your closet with a few key tips and some advice from the experts.

Out with the Bad

Have you ever heard the expression, "if you build it, they will come?" Well, this applies to clothing as well. If manufacturers continue to make cheap but lower quality clothing, people are going to continue to gravitate toward it because of the price tag and its availability.

However, in recent years, brands have been finding new ways to manufacture good quality clothing at much lower prices, and more brands are also leaning toward more sustainable fashion items as well.

People have halted buying cheaper clothing and instead are opting for sustainable options. So, why would they continue to make bad clothing if people are choosing not to buy it anymore?

Ethically Manufactured Clothing

Yes, it is true that ethically manufactured clothing is going to be more expensive to produce than regular clothing because responsible manufacturing requires workers to be paid more, and higher-quality materials are used in production.

So, when finding affordable and sustainable fashion options for your closet, you will need to limit your dependency on having a large quantity of cheaper items in your closet. Instead, choose a handful of quality and long-lasting, sustainable pieces.

With more ethical brands beginning to enter the market, you will begin to find much more affordable options for sustainable clothing that will lessen your impact on the environment without sacrificing your style.

Socially Conscious Brands

As more people feel as if they can safely and affordably purchase items from socially conscious brands, the options will begin to become much more affordable and will no longer be considered luxury items.

Tips for Finding Sustainable Options Affordably

So, when shopping, look for classic, versatile, and durable clothing options that are going to last. While you may still pay a higher cost upfront, they will last you much longer than the cheaper clothing brands which give you more value for the money you are spending.

Buy from brands you can trust as well. Make sure they can verify that what they have to offer is truly sustainable and eco-friendly. Also, make sure they are offering affordable, high-quality items that are well-made and durable.

Don't forget that you can also find affordable and sustainable shoe brands as well. It can be easy to forget about shoes when we are too focused on the other essentials. If you are looking for flats or sneakers, you can find a comfortable pair of sustainable shoes that are affordable and durable to add to your closet.

Where do you start, you ask? Start with visiting The Etho today to see the vast array of sustainable clothing, accessory, and shoe options they have that are long-lasting, durable, and above all  affordable.

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