How to Create A Look That Will Make Your Wardrobe Sustainable

Posted on February 11th, 2020

How to Create A Look That Will Make Your Wardrobe Sustainable

How to Create A Look That Will Make Your Wardrobe Sustainable

Spring cleaning one’s wardrobe usually happens during the first quarter of the year. If you are looking at your closet and thinking of getting rid of some of your clothes for the new year, take the time to pause and look over your current haul.


When it comes to sustainable living, it pays to plan ahead how you would want your wardrobe to be like. Fast fashion thrives in sudden purchases and impulse buys. Before hitting that “Buy” button or going to the mall, practice more sustainable buying with these three tips.


Find Your Favorite Go-To Looks


Many minimalist fashionistas always have a go-to look or personal uniform that becomes their fallback outfit on an easy day. What most people mistake about a personal outfit is that it has to be repetitive every single time—think of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg down to the different shades of turtlenecks or shirts.


The real appeal of a personal uniform is that you can mix functionality with creativity. It is personal because it should reflect your own style while simplifying the everyday choice of outfit.


Hence, a personal uniform should be a mix of casual and trans-seasonal outfits. Mix up essentials like jeans and loose blouses with blazers and different-toned eclectic pieces. 


When choosing your own signature look, try to see first what kind of outfits you prefer. Are you a dress girl or a power suit and pants lady? Do you prefer layers or mix-and-match items? Another thing to note is the color—do you like accessorizing with pops of color or keeping it to a more neutral tone? Finally, consider your daily routine. The activities you have lined up need to be complemented by the clothes you wear and your daily activities can be a deciding factor for your personal look.


Opt for Sustainably-made Clothes


Now that you have your personal look figured out, it’s time to be discerning of how you source the outfits. Organic cotton may be costlier but it is not only sustainable but also comfortable to wear. 


When possible, try to find the pieces you want to be created in more sustainable materials. More importantly, these materials use fewer resources to make and less toxic chemicals to come together. 


Go With Online Shopping That is Sustainable All the Way


Brands and online delivery stores that go the extra mile of using more sustainable packaging methods are always worth prioritizing. It can’t be denied that online shopping is varied at best and convenient at worst. There are just some brands that either is not accessible to you or do not have their own brick and mortar stores.


Watch out for stores that have the initiative to have eco-friendly delivery systems and recycled packaging. Prioritize stores that have an all-around sustainable policy, because you can trust their methods and their mission.


The Etho features a wide range of suppliers and shops that follow an ethical and sustainable practice in creating and delivering clothes. Make sure you create your 2020 wardrobe by keeping in mind the importance of a discerning yet fashionable sense above all.

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