Making the Fashion Industry Greener in the New Year

Posted on January 9th, 2020

Making the Fashion Industry Greener in the New Year

Making the Fashion Industry Greener in the New Year

Making the Fashion Industry Greener in the New Year

Sustainable style is definitely still on the agenda this new year and it is also forecasted as being the future of the fashion industry in some cases. There has also been a rise in understanding the social and ecological injustices that are wrapped up in consuming and throwing out clothing items.

More and more people are learning about sustainable clothing options and the many ways this kind of consumer action can help the environment.

So, what are a few ways the fashion industry may be using in the new year to make the industry greener? Read on to find out.

Fruity Fibers

Many of our clothing items are primarily made of cotton materials and often, this crop can be saturated in pesticides or derived from petroleum products. To cut down on this kind of waste, some clothing is now being made from the waste of fruit fibers including the stems of banana plants and parts of the pineapple.

Waste pineapple leaves, for example, are half the cost of traditional cow leather products and can also significantly cut down on the environmental costs associated with raising livestock to obtain that leather.

Fermented Yeast

Sugar feedstock in some industries is being used with yeast cells to create collagen. The collagen can then be pressed into sheets and tanned through an eco-friendly process. With this process, you will find a more sustainable and environmentally friendly cow-less leather option for bags.

Natural Colors

Toxic chemicals and dyes are also being ditched as more people in the fashion industry are switching to more natural pigment options. It is possible to get pigments from plants and other microorganisms without having to mess around with heavy metals, acids, and solvents.

This kind of process has also shown to use less water than what is typically  needed during the more conventional process of dyeing items. As sustainable options continue to evolve, we will see more in the way of brighter and more exciting color palettes as well - if you aren't a fan of the neutrals that we currently see.

An Eco-Renaissance

Many are saying that the fashion industry is in the throes of an eco-renaissance. More and more designers are finding ways to reinvent the way we can use sustainably sourced and recycled materials in the fashion industry.

In some areas, bamboo is being used to create softer and more durable pieces that come along with some amazing environmental benefits. Other renewable materials including cork and rubber, are also being used and more widely accepted in the industry. Many big brands are also finding ways to use sustainable materials like recycled cotton and polyester.

As you can see, sustainable clothing is the future of the fashion industry as we continue to search for new production and manufacturing methods to cut down on waste and limit the negative impact we have on the environment.

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