Practical Tips To Make Your Sustainable Purchases Last

Posted on February 14th, 2020

Practical Tips To Make Your Sustainable Purchases Last

Practical Tips To Make Your Sustainable Purchases Last

Fashion is fleeting—this is a concept that has been the foundation of fast fashion, but one that sustainable fashion is trying to change. If you are part of the movement that wants to see fashion be as much about quality as it is about creativity, then you may want to start living out an equally sustainable lifestyle.


Here is a practice guide to help you stop shopping for more and start appreciating clothes that are sustainably produced.


Try the 30 Wears Test


It’s always exciting to make a great purchase. That new smell of clothes seems irresistible, and you can’t stop imagining when you’ll be wearing your new purchase. However, can you imagine wearing the same purchase 29 more times after that?


This unique test of purchase was created by Livia Firth, who is the founder of Eco Age and pushes for sustainability with the #30Wears campaign. To live sustainably, you have to try to establish a mindset where buying clothes is the same as buying a laptop or a leather bag—you want to make them last as long as possible. 


For clothes, this means being able to wear them at least 30 times upon purchase because it is that functional and “you” and that quality-made. Oftentimes, fast fashion is produced with the quantity of sales rather than quality to be worn countless times. When you have this mindset, you are more likely to buy outfits that you can mix and match or wear repeatedly because of its classic style.


Check the Quality of Every Trinket


If there was one part of your wardrobe that may seem harder to maintain a long-term relationship with, it would have to be trinkets. Some trinkets, such as chunky necklaces and big rings, can be dependent on the season. New releases mean another possible way to spice up your outfit.


While it is not wrong to buy new accessories, it’s best to also know how these trinkets are sourced. Some quality pieces are often made with long-lasting materials and stones. Others may use specific materials that can be cleaned and polished, so they last longer. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with the creators—they may be more than willing to assist and let you understand their process to help push for the sustainable movement.


Take Care and Repair Clothes


An important part of making clothes last longer is taking proper care of them. Certain fabrics and materials have a specific way of washing and laundering—and it’s best to follow this down to the last step. Opting for quality clothes is already one thing as they are meant to last longer, but if you take the extra initiative of separately cleaning clothes depending on the proper manner of washing, this will definitely prolong their closet life.


Another way to go about this would be to learn how to repair tears and loose buttons. Some people tend to immediately throw clothes with holes or torn seams. Repairing clothes and accessories can contribute greatly to lessening fashion waste. If you can’t do it yourself or just don’t have the time to sew, find a good tailor. The extra money you spend isn’t wasted. Think of it as taking care of a good outfit to make it last longer.


If you plan to start the sustainable movement, check out some of the shops in The Etho. Not only do they source and make their items ethically, but they are also quality pieces that can be worn and reused for everyday fashion.

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