Shop Sustainable Fashion Without Breaking The Bank

Posted on March 20th, 2020

Shop Sustainable Fashion Without Breaking The Bank

Shop Sustainable Fashion Without Breaking The Bank

For the fashion-conscious, fast fashion is an affordable way to emulate the visions of the world’s greatest fashion designers. The biggest hindrance for people who want to shop sustainable fashion is the price. While sustainable fashion brands boast of more durable clothing that could last years, it is simply not easy to shell out $700 on a dress (not to mention you will need more than one piece of clothing). Luckily, there are many other ways to shop for sustainable fashion without breaking the bank.

Tips on saving money while you shop sustainable fashion:

Go Thrift Shopping

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure—perhaps the most eco-friendly proverb there is. Influencers, celebrities, and teenagers are all raving about the wonders of thrift shopping. This is a trend that experts also approve of. Thrift shopping allows clothes and other fashion items to live longer life cycles. Plus, it’s so much cheaper!

Fix Your Clothes

Fast fashion taught its consumers to easily discard pieces of clothing once they’re out of style or show any signs of wear and tear. This mindset needs to change if we are to truly commit to sustainability. You can do this to virtually all of your clothes, whether they were from a sustainable fashion brand or a fast-fashion brand: fix them. If you really want to save on clothes, you can recall your stitches and fix them yourself. If you don’t have much time, however, you can bring them to repair shops to get it professionally done.

Rent or Borrow

There was a time when people simply borrowed or rented tuxes and dresses whenever they have a formal event to attend. Now, however, people go shopping for almost any occasion that involves a gathering. It’s not a sin to wear someone else’s clothes. It’s not unhygienic either if you wash them properly. In fact, renting or borrowing is still more sustainable than buying an item you will wear once from a sustainable shop.

Build a Capsule Wardrobe

French women are proud of their capsule wardrobes—they own only a few basic pieces that they mix and match on a daily basis. They don’t follow fads; they focus on the timeless pieces that they can even pass on to their children. They don’t go for pieces that are too daring and therefore difficult to wear. Instead, they consciously shop for pieces that easily complement their wardrobe. They save on money, space, and lessen their carbon footprint while staying eternally stylish.

You can build your capsule wardrobe with The Etho. The Etho offers a selection of timeless pieces from various affordable sustainable fashion brands.

Start Shopping Sustainable Fashion Now

Becoming a sustainable fashionista does not need to come at the expense of your style or budget. There are so many options available if you only look at the right places. You don’t even need to shop, even if you plan to shop for sustainable fashion choices. But, if you must buy, make sure that you shop from a sustainable fashion brand, such as those you can find at The Etho.

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