Six Reasons To Buy Fair Trade Chocolate

Posted on January 17th, 2020

Six Reasons To Buy Fair Trade Chocolate

Six Reasons To Buy Fair Trade Chocolate

When you start to research where your food comes from, you may find a lot of awful things. Even something as simple as your favorite national brand chocolate bar may use child labor, toxic fertilizers and chemicals, and foster a cycle of poverty. However, before you give up chocolate for these reasons, it’s important that you know there is an alternative: Fair Trade Chocolate. Fair trade is a model of sustainable, ethical, and environmentally-friendly practices. To become fair trade certified, chocolate manufacturers have to go through a rigorous audit of their sourcing and production methods. Once certified, you can trust that the chocolate does more good than harm. Here are the primary reasons to buy fair trade chocolate.


  1. No Child Labor


Child labor is a serious problem in the chocolate industry. Fair trade chocolate does not utilize child labor in their sourcing or production. By purchasing fair trade chocolate you are supporting communities where children can go to school and play, instead of work tireless for low wages.


  1. No Slave/Forced Labor


Another major issue in the chocolate industry is slave/forced labor. Slave labor is strictly prohibited in fair trade farms and factories. Workers in fair trade communities enjoy free association, safe working conditions, and good wages and benefits.


  1. Support Small Businesses


Most chocolate is produced on small, family-owned farms around the world. Sadly, many of these farmers are stuck in poverty because large chocolate manufacturers do not pay fair prices for their goods. Fair trade manufacturers on the other hand, pay fair market prices so that these farms can continue to thrive. 


  1. Encourage Sustainable Farming Practices


Chocolate producers for fair trade chocolate have the resources and guidance to invest in sustainable farming practices. They can use organic and traditional farming methods to yield strong healthy crops. Big manufacturers encourage the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides because they are constantly demanding more and more production.


  1. Invest In Communities


Fair trade license fees are used to reinvest in the communities where the growers live. These funds are used to help pay for schools, infrastructure, and medical care. The communities use democratic systems to determine how the funds will be allocated, ensuring the funds are used legitimately and cannot be corrupted.


  1. Enjoy Better Quality Chocolate


Finally, fair trade chocolate is also a better quality of chocolate that uses real, natural and organic ingredients instead of additives. BY using quality ingredients, consumers get to enjoy all the health benefits of chocolate like prebiotics, minerals, and antioxidants. They also contain a higher amount of cocoa, so they taste fantastic.


So the next time the chocolate craving hits, make sure to grab a fair trade chocolate treat. At The Etho, we have a delicious variety of fair trade chocolates for the next time you want a sweet snack. We also offer other fair trade products like coffee and sweeteners. That way you can fill your belly, while also protecting your values.

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