Sustainability in New York Fashion Week

Posted on September 2nd, 2019

Sustainability in New York Fashion Week

Sustainability in New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week had glitz, it had glam, and it had sustainable fashion! This is excellent news because we all know about the ripple effect — how one person's actions affect the next two people, whose cumulative actions impact four others, and so on. When hundreds of thousands of people attend, watch, or interact with a particular event, like NYFW, they create hundreds of thousands of ripples. You can assume that today, those people are having informed conversations about ethical fashion, sustainability in fashion, and what they are going to do to next.

February 9, 2019 was Sustainable Fashion Day at New York Fashion Week. This day celebrated sustainability not only as a niche within the fashion industry, but as a whole movement. Sustainable Fashion Day reminded us that eco-fashion mediates the human impact on the environment through social responsibility, like ethical manufacturing.

Having a trendy NYFW look is not only sustainable but it's also attainable for anyone; you can look like you're right off the catwalk of New York Fashion Week by purchasing Fair Trade fashion. This year, designers used fabrics from alternative fibers and from no-waste studios.

You can purchase yoga mats made from alternative fibers, like banana, from Deivee Fitness. Deivee is an Indian owned and operated fitness company created to fill a need for ethical activewear. They use sustainable and eco-friendly textiles.

Sustainable fashion at NYFW and sustainable fashion for everyday life means longevity for your clothes and for the movement. Darzah is a company that understands long-standing traditions. This ethical fashion brand uses traditional tatreez Palestinian embroidery which is passed down mother to daughter. Their mission includes celebrating this age-old tradition and the cultural heritage of Palestine in every hand-embroidered shoe.

Being a sustainable consumer means being an intelligent consumer — you are taking the opportunity to educate yourself not only about the incredible world of fashion but also how to use fashion to make the world incredible. When you select to shop ethically and wear eco-fashion, you are creating a connection with the environment. And, because we all know the ripple effect, your positive choices will prompt those around you to make ethical fashion selections.

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