The Next Generation of Sustainable Fashion

Posted on December 27th, 2019

The Next Generation of Sustainable Fashion

The Next Generation of Sustainable Fashion

If we choose to speak honestly, then it can be said that our environment in recent years has become almost toxic. More people need to approach sustainability, and that includes the fashion industry.

When you choose sustainable fashion, you are choosing items that have a continuous lifespan. Instead of purchasing products that will become waste, you are choosing to purchase and wear items that are sustainable and long-lasting.

Too Much Waste

The world as a whole is filled with too much waste. The current way we live and the production of goods is causing that waste to continue to accumulate. Sustainable practices cut down on this waste when new design strategies, production, business, and marketing ideas are instead changed to reflect a more sustainable approach to the production of goods.  

A Focus on Biodegradability

3D printing technology is being explored as a way to create fashion collections that are completely biodegradable. We are also seeing by-products of the food industry being used to create textile dyes that have been extracted from local juice processing waste.

Leather Talk

Leather is one of the more complex areas of fashion when discussing sustainability. Leather is one of the primary materials often used in the production of bags and other accessories, so to keep things more sustainable, new designs and strategies have had to be implemented.

Instead of old techniques, designers are instead evolving and choosing handcrafted techniques that naturally evolve. Sustainable leather is leather that is actually a byproduct of local farming and agriculture.

It is considered sustainable because the animals have not been raised for the purpose of leather to create goods. They are raised primarily as farm animals.

In addition, leather has longevity and durability that plastic doesn't have. It can be used over and over and lasts longer than some other choices made in the fashion industry.

More Excitement

One of the best parts of sustainable fashion is the excitement that it elicits in the fashion industry. It isn't limited just to the small fair trade brands. Sustainable fashion has made its way up the ladder to even the biggest fashion industry leaders. This is allowing for the development of new practices and new techniques.

Eco-friendly fashion is definitely in style and sustainability continue to make its way into mainstream culture. It is also easier now than ever to understand sustainability and learn ways to incorporate it.

Changing Consumer Habits

A report on sustainability back in 2015 showed that over 66 percent of consumers were willing to pay more for a sustainably made product. This is a trend that continues to be on the rise into the future.

Evolving technology is also responsible for this advance in sustainable fashion as well. The more we can continue to reuse and recycle, the fewer products are made.

The Next Generation

To keep up the momentum for sustainable fashion, we need to continue to cut down on harmful products and continue to reuse and recycle to cut down on the massive amount of waste we have seen in previous years.

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