The Real Cost Of Fast Fashion

Posted on January 17th, 2020

The Real Cost Of Fast Fashion

The Real Cost Of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has become increasingly popular in the last decade. As consumer demand increases for affordable, trendy clothes, the market has responded. Fast fashion retailers have been popping up at every major shopping center, offering great bargains for fun clothing and accessories. For most of us fast fashion seems like a great deal. We get to wear the hottest trending clothing for rock bottom prices. Sadly though, fast fashion costs a lot more than the low figure on the price tag. Fast fashion may have a low cost for the buyer, but a high cost for our planet,

The Real Cost Of Labor

Most fast fashion brands use “sweatshop” labor. They contract to factories located in countries that do not have labor protections. The people that make your clothing work tirelessly for long hours in unsafe conditions. Many have extreme deadlines, with some factories expecting people to sew 1,000 garments in a single day. These pressures are only part of the story. The workers also do this for little wages, many making less than $3 a day, and none of the employees enjoy benefits like healthcare or pensions. Further, many of the people sewing these clothes are underaged children

The Real Cost To The Planet

 The labor abuses are only part of the real cost. The other cost is the cost to the planet. Many garments are made using toxic chemicals. These chemicals not only make the workers sick, but they are also dumped into the environment. Many of the countries where fast fashion clothes are manufactured have no pollution laws. So the chemicals used to process these clothes are just dumped in the same waterways used for drinking water. The clothes are then shipped all over the world using fossil fuels. Finally, millions of tons of these clothes are then just discarded into landfills. Fast fashion has such a negative impact on the planet, that the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter next to the oil industry.

What Can You Do To Avoid These High Costs?

No discount outfit is worth the damage caused by both the labor offenses and environmental offenses of fast fashion. Luckily, there are some things you can to do help stop these problems. First, you can stop supporting fast fashion retailers. No matter how good the deal, remember that you are paying a hidden cost. Secondly, you can begin researching products that are sustainable and use fair labor practices. There are several retailers that can offer great products at affordable prices that don’t cause this damage.

At The Etho, we are taking a stand against fast fashion by offering an alternative to the conscientious fashionistas. We have worked tirelessly to vet all of our products to guarantee that they are completely sustainable and from small, ethical producers. Next time you are looking for a new outfit, skip the fast fashion retailer and check out what we offer. You’ll find something you’ll not only look great wearing, but you’ll feel great about buying.

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