Womens Fall Weather Fashion

Posted on November 4th, 2019

Womens Fall Weather Fashion

Womens Fall Weather Fashion

Women’s Fall Weather Fashion


When it comes to ladies’ wear, the fall season is one of the best seasons to showcase everything that is fun, colorful, and unique in fashion. You can layer, you can play with textures and fabrics, and you can do it all sustainably when you shop with artisans and creators over fast fashion. While fast fashion might provide cheap goods fast, it actually carries with it a much costlier impact that all of us on the planet earth will feel. Only behind the oil industry, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter on the planet, and you can do your part to cut this impact by going sustainable instead of going for what’s cheap and easy.


Not only does the creation of fast fashion harm the planet, but its very existence does as well. Filled with synthetic materials, these pieces are made to be disposable. With quality that is only built to last a year or so, you’ll lose your favorites after this fall season is over. Where will your pieces go after they’ve fallen apart? Chances are, they’ll sit in landfills for years and years before they finally begin to break down. Not only are they furthering pollution, but they’re not made to be enjoyed year after year. What seems “cheap” initially, winds up being pricier than imagined when they require replacement year after year.


Sustainable Fashion You Can Be Proud Of


Hats, scarves, sweaters, and more you can enjoy year after year are the better investment in your closet. A few fall fashion staples you need as part of your seasonal wardrobe year after year, that can be built sustainably to last, are:


  • A great scarf – Scarves aren’t just for braving the chilly outdoors; they’re also a key element in layering fashions for the fall season. Made from sustainable materials, the sky is the limit in terms of how far you can take your scarves and how long you can love them.


  • A cozy sweater – Cozy sweaters made from organic materials are perfect for embracing all the coziness of the fall season. With the right staple piece made sustainably, you can dress it up, dress it down, and enjoy it season after season.


  • A warm hat – We lose a great deal of body heat from our heads, and this rings true even with a full head of luscious hair! A warm hat not only keeps you comfy during chilly days, it also makes for even cuter fall-friendly Instagram photos.


  • A showstopping jacket – During fall, the days may be warm enough for a sweater alone, but nighttime temperatures might drop to be a bit chillier than what’s comfortable. A showstopping jacket is just what you need to keep toasty and comfortable no matter where your day takes you.


Sustainable Fashion Is Fashion You Can Keep Loving


You don’t want to invest any of your hard earned money into fashion pieces that don’t last, and sustainable fashion gives you a way to make a true investment in your fall-friendly looks. Made sustainably, you’re improving the planet, improving the industry, and improving your wardrobe all while feeling good and contributing to the work of true artists and artisans.

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