Your Go-to Shoes: From Booties to Heels

Posted on November 25th, 2019

Your Go-to Shoes: From Booties to Heels

Your Go-to Shoes: From Booties to Heels

Your Go-to Shoes: From Booties to Heels

The shoes we put on for the day almost always depend on what we will be doing and what we are wearing. However, some of us may have our favorites and those shoes become our go-to pair for almost every occasion. Does this sound familiar to you?

Fall is upon us and with it come the several different boot styles and colors that often adorn our fall wardrobe. But are you aware that you can make other shoes your go-to fall shoe?


Yes. The classic loafer is a shoe that can be transitioned into your everyday fall shoe. Not only are they comfortable, they can also go a long way in dressing up any outfit you may have on.

They can be paired with different fashion styles to create a look that goes hand in hand with your personality. Skinny jeans, a pair of cute loafers, and your coziest sweater may be just the outfit you keep running to this season.

Slingback Flats

Low heels or slingback flats are definitely going to be more comfortable than the pair of heels you may have grown accustomed to. They are also much more delicate than the usual pair of boots we commonly see on-trend for fall.

These shoes are great for a more casual or work outfit but can easily be used to dress up a look for the evening as well.


The ultimate in comfort footwear - the sneaker. Sneakers are no longer reserved only for the summer months. A good white sneaker can become a closet staple and can add a fresh and stylish pop to any fall outfit.

Mule Flats

Mule flats have definitely made their rounds and have been a footwear trend since Gucci made them famous. They are quick and easy to slip on as you head out the door and can quickly turn a blah fall outfit into one of your absolute favorites. The plus to mule flats? They make great footwear for the office as well.


We can't possibly leave heels off the list when we are talking about fashion. They are a staple in many closets. With so many different colors and styles to choose from, you are sure to find something to dress up any outfit.

The looks that are incredible for fall include plaid heels, canvas pumps in a neutral color, and other fun designs.

Mule Heels

Finally, we come to mule heels. Like flat mules, the heeled variety also makes for a good choice for your fall wardrobe. Wooden mules complete with vintage tribal embroidery make the perfect add on to a fall outfit for work or going out.

Of course, you also have the traditional boots and booties you can choose for the fall season, as well. With different lengths and types, you can find something to go perfectly with a sweater dress or even a pair of jeans.

For more fall inspiration and a bigger shoe selection, visit The Etho, where you will find everything from flats to boots to heels to create a stunning fall wardrobe.

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