Zero Waste Beauty Products for a Green Routine

Posted on November 27th, 2019

Zero Waste Beauty Products for a Green Routine

Zero Waste Beauty Products for a Green Routine

Zero Waste Beauty Products for a Green Routine

We have all heard why plastic straws should be replaced with metal straws, and we have heard mention of a variety of other ways we can help minimize our impact on the environment. However, one of the more overlooked areas in which we can improve and create a much greener routine is through our beauty products.

More and more companies these days are offering products in recyclable packaging as well as other compostable or biodegradable packaging options that help promote less waste. This is now being referred to as zero waste.

Your Typical Products

So, let's take a minute to stop and consider the beauty products you are currently using. What kind of packaging are they in? Most often, we find that the majority of our beauty products are wrapped in some kind of plastic packaging material.

Sometimes we can't even throw the empty containers into our recycling bin either. So, they end up as more waste that makes its way to the landfill.

Plastic Waste

In a study done in 2016 by the World Economic Forum, they found that 32 percent of a staggering 78 million tons of plastic packaging each year were being found in the oceans. In another study in 2015, the EPA found that approximately 70 percent of all the plastic waste produced in the United States ended up in landfills.

Green Beauty

For a greener routine, you want to look for ways to minimize how much waste you produce, and a good start would be to take a closer look at the beauty products you use on a daily basis. Look for items that are recyclable or biodegradable and don't miss out on the high-quality and luxury you have come to expect from your beauty products.

Refillable systems are becoming popular around the world and allow consumers to refill the containers they already have with the products they love. This helps cut down on waste and the production of new bottles and packages.

Sustainable Options

Consumers will likely only change their behavior and get behind these changes if they find that the sustainable option is also going to be the better option for them to choose overall. This requires some education and products that consumers will gladly switch out with the other products.

For example, instead of plastic bottles of shampoo, a shampoo bar. Instead of a plastic bottle filled with mouthwash, an effervescent tablet, and instead of pads and tampons, why not try a more organic option like a menstrual cup?

The Future

More people in the beauty industry are seeing how the way we produce our beauty products is affecting the environment, so they continue to work on different methods of reducing waste and advertising zero waste products for a green routine.

This can spread further than beauty products, as well. Sustainable clothing and accessories are also better for the environment and can help minimize our footprint on the environment. For a closer look at some of these sustainable fashion items, visit The Etho today.

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