Mens Fall Fashion Done Sustainably

Posted on October 16th 2020

Mens Fall Fashion Done Sustainably

October 16th 2020

Men’s Fall Fashion Done Sustainably

While women’s fall fashion might get all the time in the spotlight, men’s fall fashion is just as important. For guys looking for those key fashion pieces this fall, it’s important to look into sustainable pieces built to last both physically and fashionably through the tests of time. Fast fashion might be “hot” right now, but it’s important to remember that key point – right now. Fast fashion is made to be completely disposable, so its environmental impacts are repeated again and again as new fast fashion pieces are being pumped out for each passing season. Next to the oil industry, the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world, and fast fashion is particularly responsible for damaging environmental impacts. When guys go with fast fashion, they’re investing in pieces that might last them a season, while their impact will last for decades or more.

Fall Fashion Choices

For men, fall fashion doesn’t have to be fast and it doesn’t have to be damaging. Investing in sustainable fashion gives you the opportunity to acquire pieces that will last throughout the years, as you do your part in leaving behind a cleaner and healthier planet. Sustainable fashion not only keeps clothing out of landfills, but it supports true artisans and unique minds in the fashion industry. Some key pieces to add to your sustainable fall fashion collection are:

  • Kozm Red Beanie – Made by Kozm, the Red Beanie is crafted using upcycled lightweight materials that provide you with the perfect breathable warmth you can feel good about. The Red Beanie is made in the United States with only sustainable practices, and it produces less textile waste and less contribution to America’s landfills and waste management systems.
  • Kozm Original Zip Hoodie – What fall fashion wardrobe is complete without the perfect hoodie? Using the same soft and lightweight upcycled materials that go into their beanies and other products, Kozm has developed the ultimate hoodie to take you all throughout fall. A classic front zip ensures that you can layer and de-layer conveniently throughout the day.
  • WearPanda Jackson Sunglasses – The sun doesn’t go away in the fall season, even if it isn’t quite as strong as it is in the summer. A perfect pair of sunglasses is just what you need to complete your fall looks, and WearPanda has the ideal option in the Jackson Sunglasses. Handmade from 100% sustainable bamboo, these comfortable sunnies wear light on the face while blocking the sun’s rays.


Pieces That Last

When you opt for sustainable men’s fall fashion, you’re opting for pieces that really last. Not only do you get to feel good about doing your part for artists, artisans, and the environment, but you know that you can love your looks for years to come. Rather than scrambling to find what “works” every year, you’ll know you have clothes you love sitting in your closet already. With another fall season fully underway, it’s time to get sustainable to see what the best in fall fashion is really all about.