The Etho Stories

The Supply Chain Can Be Bananas!

April 30th 2020

WhoWhatWear has deemed 2018 the year of the banana, and not just in terms of what we eat (although, over 100 billion bananas are consumed each year worldwide!). If it's the year of the banana,...

Teamwork, not Tariffs: The Truth About Fair Trade

April 30th 2020

President Trump's recent escalation of tariffs on foreign goods has urged Americans everywhere to reconsider what sort of trading relationships are most beneficial for our nation, and for the...

Impact of dyes on the environment

April 30th 2020

The fashion industry is a notorious contributor to the world's pollution problem. Even a process as seemingly simple as dyeing fabrics poses an immense threat to the cleanliness and sustainability...

Pantone Color 2020 Classic Blue

April 30th 2020

Our Co-CEO and Co-Founder’s Message

PawPaw - Seller Feature

April 29th 2020

PawPawYogaWear is a Yoga Clothing and Accessory brand sown in India and designed in Sweeden, meant to keep the future of the planet in mind while giving you comfortable and fashionable styles....

Green is the New Black

March 9th 2020

GOING GREEN CAN DO GOOD Turning green isn't always sickening! The fashion industry is getting greener every day, and that's a great thing. The industry is currently at the forefront of considering...

Engage With Women's History Month

March 2nd 2020

March is Women's History Month. Women have played a vital role in historical events, and continue to form our modern society with innovations and a fight for equality. There are many ways to...

Love your purchases this Valentine's Day

February 14th 2020

It's Valentine's season. A time for celebrating love, sharing gifts, and looking toward another year of connection. It can be a challenge to pick out the perfect present for your special someone...