Conscious Goods - Seller Feature

Posted on September 20th, 2019

Conscious Goods - Seller Feature

Conscious Goods - Seller Feature

Making planet-friendly products, Conscious Goods keeps simplicity in mind when making their items. Plant-based and Eco-friendly, their products are absolutely fantastic! View their candles and products, or continue reading to find out more about this awesome brand. 

Conscious Goods

Adding to our assortment of clean beauty on Faire.Shop is Austin's own Conscious Goods. The founder, KC, handmakes each and every product using natural and local ingredients. The brand offers an assortment of self-care including oils, balms, and bug sprays that are all baby and pregnancy safe.

The products are truly effective in their simplicity. Their beeswax candles clean the air, and their all-natural bug spray keeps even Texas-sized mosquitos at bay. Products have been tested on the owners loved ones, and their goal is that you feel nurtured and loved when you use them.

About the Owner

KC describes herself as a, “an entrepreneur, a single parent to 3 feminist gentlemen, an extreme optimist, a Texan, a decent cook, maker of holistic remedies, scuba diver, and an all-around grateful gal.” After years as a practicing lawyer in Texas, she found her true passion for creating natural skincare. So, in 2016, she officially started her side hustle, working days as a layer and spending her nights taking care of children and creating her Conscious Goods in the garage.

Who wouldn't you want products made with that positive energy?

Putting the Conscious in Conscious Goods

Conscious Goods was founded on a passion for ecology, human rights, and natural products. KC loves humans, animals, and our gorgeous planet, so she is doing her part to protect and promote a healthy planet for future generations to enjoy.

You will only find pure, natural, plant-based ingredients in every Conscious Goods Product. Most of their products were created for friends and family of the owner who had special skincare needs. KC thinks of her community as her family and would never include any chemical additives or hidden ingredients that are bad for your health. The blend of simple, natural ingredients is safe for babies, pregnant women, children, and pets.

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