Green Stitch - Seller Feature

Posted on September 7th, 2019

Green Stitch - Seller Feature

Green Stitch - Seller Feature

Green Stitch is an ethical and sustainable alternative to the terrible practices of the fashion industry while providing beautiful designs that help empower the community. Read more on Green Stitch's story below, or view their sustainable products.

Green Stitch Fabrics: Kelso's story

Even before the creation of her own line, Kelso was exposed to the horrors of the garment industry in Andrew Morgan's famous documentary, The True Cost. The disturbing details of dangerous working conditions, low wages, and slave labor showcased in the movie can't really be un-seen. Kelso knew from that point on that she wanted to create fashion that was sustainable––because truly unique and liberating style can't be expressed at the cost of the health and dignity of the people who produce it.

Why was Green Stitch created?

Green Stitch Fabrics was created out of genuine love for making fabrics and textiles, and a mission to produce in a way that made the women in and behind the clothing look and feel great. The brand juxtaposes various traditions in streetwear by creating clothes that are sustainably sourced and designed with the intention to be transformed and re-worn. The designs teeter between edgy and classic but allow the wearer to make them timelessly their own by encouraging fashionistas to mix and match. Kelso wants women to, “walk down the street in GS style, knowing this style is all your own.”

What are the garments made out of?

All garments are hand-made and one-of-a-kind, made in collaboration with different painters, designers, and artists to create unique looks. The magic happens in Green Stitch's factories in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, each employing a small but mighty force of 10 artisans. From design to delivery Kelso strives to make her business as sustainable as possible. 100% natural fabrics are colored with natural dyes and assembled by hand on sewing machines to ensure the highest quality. Even scrap fabric is transformed into unique accessories to accompany the outfits.

Their impact on the community

Not only are they killing it in the design game, Green Stitch is also making a big impact in their community. Their artists are connecting with future designers (local fashion students) by holding workshops on conscious sourcing and donating sustainable fabrics. Kelso believes so deeply in the future of fashion that she also donates proceeds to inner-city school children to help them create art and express themselves. They have also organized screenings of Riverblue––an awesome film about the impact of Fast Fashion on the environment––for the community to ignite discussions on the issues.

To support the powerhouse that is Green Stitch Fashions, shop here.

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