Hope's Gate - Seller Feature

Posted on November 1st, 2019

Hope's Gate - Seller Feature

Hope's Gate - Seller Feature

Teaching jewelry making to young women rescued from Human Trafficking, Hope's Gate lives up to its name by providing high quality, Beautiful jewelry. Read on to find out more on this heartwarming company, or view their selection of impactful jewelry.

What drove you to start your business?


Patty Bauman is the founder of Hope’s Gate.  Patty is a visionary who has traveled the world for missions.  On her trip to adopt her daughter, Sarah, from India, she didn’t want to stop there.  She saw a need and she decided to do something about it. She wanted to do “her part” in making a change.  The idea for teaching young ladies who had been orphaned or rescued from the brothels was born and Hope’s Gate was started.

Who are your employees or your artisans? 

All the young ladies (and a few men) who work in the Hope’s Gate project consist of older orphans who have grown up in shelters, young ladies rescued out of human trafficking, AIDS widows, and refugees.  

How did you find them? 

We have several partnerships in India, Uganda, and the Middle East.  All of our partners were already operating ministries and shelters, who we came alongside to offer a practical way to learn a skill and earn an income in a safe and ethical way to the young people residing there.

What do they mean to you? 

The young people we work with are like family to us.  We know them by name and visit them regularly. We have a great desire for them to go on to reach their full potential and for the cycle of poverty and exploitation to end in their lives.  Whether this is through making products for Hope’s Gate, or going on to higher education, we want to stand by each one through the process of breaking into freedom and success.

What made you decide to start producing ethically? 

Orphans, victims of human trafficking, young people in severe poverty, and refugees are all at such high risk of exploitation, abuses, and perseverating the cycle of poverty.  Giving them a job skill in a safe environment gives them value and purpose in their lives, as well as an effective way to make an income.

What impact has your business had on your community? 

Our community in Wylie, TX stands with us and is very supportive of our work.  Our products are sold in several local shops. In addition, some of our volunteer staff work with partner missions that combat human trafficking locally in DFW, and with a local mission serving refugees that are new to DFW.

What was the most difficult part of starting and running your business?  

In the beginning, finding artisans and shelters that we really wanted to partner with in order to have the biggest impact was important to us.  This took some time. In addition, striving for quality that would represent the excellence we desired to achieve took time and still takes time and patience to this day.  We continue to learn and teach new designs and skills and sometimes that is with artisans that have been working with us for years, and sometimes that means starting fresh with a new young person that desires to learn.

What has been the most rewarding outcome of your business? 

Working side by side with these precious young people and seeing them thrive both in learning the skills and educationally has been amazing.  Some of them have gone on to work in the jewelry industry, having jobs of their own. One has started his own tailor shop in Uganda and now employees his own staff.  This past year, we sent 17 students on to their 1st year of college.  We are seeing first hand the cycle of poverty and exploitation being stopped, and for these young people to reach their full potential.

What is your company’s mission? 

Our mission is to bring hope to orphans, victims of human trafficking, and the world’s most vulnerable.

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