Maati- Feature Story

Posted on August 10th, 2019

Maati- Feature Story

Maati- Feature Story

Maati by Neha Kabra is a woman's clothing brand from Udaipur, Rajasthan that crafts wearable fashion. They're focused on creating pieces that make women feel comfortable and productive. Maati is also a PETA verified brand. Learn more about Maati's products and their agenda of sustainable fashion. 

What drove you to start your business?

Adopting a sustainability lifestyle made us start this business. Need to bring the change and make people more aware of the quality is what keeps us driving.

Who are your employees or your artisans?

The production unit artisans are all women who have started residing next to the place of production as there is ease of work. The other set of artisans are from Bengal – they are the weavers and we deal directly with them eliminating the middlemen.

How did you find them?

It took a long time to put everything together but researching and visiting a lot of villages helped to find people and put them together. Also met some amazing people who helped us to meet the artisans.

What do they mean to you?

They are our workforce; we only thrive because of them. We cannot imagine us without them, it’s a cycle of dependency which we and they share.

What made you decide to start producing ethically?

There is nothing to sit and decide. I grew up in a joint family of 20 people and that’s how the culture, ethics, and love has been inculcated. It is in the roots so it comes naturally hence it should flow in the work as well.

What impact has your business had on your community?

The impact it has had is that a woman can have our own business and she does not need to get married as that is not the ultimate goal in their lives. It also gave people a sense of freeness which is what our clothes talk about with the right amount of comfort.

What was the most difficult part of starting and running your business?

The most difficult part was putting a team together. Finding people who will be ready to work ethically and produce small quantities was the most difficult part.

What has been the most rewarding outcome of your business?

The sense of belief and self-confidence in myself and the workers. Also, when buyers come back with good words that’s a real feeling of accomplishment.

What is your company’s mission?

To simply the essence of yourself, sense of freedom with the right amount of comfort.

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