PawPaw - Seller Feature

Posted on August 30th, 2019

PawPaw - Seller Feature

PawPaw - Seller Feature

PawPawYogaWear is a Yoga Clothing and Accessory brand sown in India and designed in Sweeden, meant to keep the future of the planet in mind while giving you comfortable and fashionable styles. Read more on what makes PawpawYogaWear so great, below!

Annika Wetterlin Mattson of PawpawYogaWear

Before she even put pen to paper (or needle to fabric), Annika made a plan for ethical production. She said to herself, “If I can't do it this way I will not do it at all. There are enough companies out there in the world who do not take any responsibility towards the environment.” She found Sweden-based Another Textile Company and Sakmagasinet, who connected her to ethical factories in India. Without her partners, Pawpaw would be nowhere; they are the only reason she was able to create her business exactly the way she wanted to.

Where does Pawpaw draw their inspiration from?

Woman carrying Pawpaw yoga mat

Annika draws inspiration from her beautiful surroundings on the Stockholm Archipelago, the likes of which she describes as “a blend of wooded islands, rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and tranquil coves.” She has found a deep connection to life through her yoga and wants to help others do the same: “If you don't have good health within your body and mind, you can't even begin to enjoy life––so it means the world to me. And if you take care of your body and mind, then you can do everything else that makes life so wonderful and cool. But at the same time, I feel that my body and mind [are] connected to the world and people around me. So whatever I can do to make this a better world I'll at least give it my best.”

What are some of the challenges she has faced?

Still, unsurprisingly, her business has not come without its challenges. Working alone from home is Annika's biggest difficulty. Sure, she loves having her family around, but during the day, she is left only with her furry partners (i.e., her dogs), who aren't much help when bouncing ideas around. Annika has also struggled with the sheer amount she's had to learn as a new business owner, though she enjoys the daily challenge too.

What is Pawpaw purpose?

Anytime a purchase is made from Pawpawyogawear, Annika personally thanks the customer for sponsoring organic products and for working with her to make the world a better place. She knows that it's the customers of the world who have the power to change the market, so nothing brings her more inspiration than knowing that they, or we, are all on this journey together: “It's like we are taking baby steps together to change the way we treat our planet.”

Plans for the future

As for the future, Annika would love to grow Pawpawyogawear's presence in the market.“There is always room for more organic brands and it should be a natural part of the future for every customer to only buy and wear organic and ethically produced items.” So, regardless of whether you're a master yogi, a casual yoga-beginner, or just want some cute, comfy pants from a great brand (it's ok, embrace it), we think you should check out Annika's stuff today.

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