Value Labels & The Etho Verification

Posted on January 8th, 2020

Value Labels & The Etho Verification

Value Labels & The Etho Verification

At The Etho, we value a set of ethical traits that we encourage our sellers to meet through their mission, production, and organization.

Our Process

When joining The Etho, each seller must provide production-related information in the seller onboarding page.Our seasoned verification expert, with long experience in Fair Trade and NGO auditing, reviews this info and how it reflects The Etho’s Ethical Production Principles (very similar to World Fair Trade Organization´s 10 Fair Trade principles).

During the verification process, we may send additional queries, grant you a The Etho logo, and assign ethical labels to your products. We then add the label(s) to all products in a seller’s “The Etho Shop” to help customers recognize the main aspects of products, whether they are ethical/recycled/organic etc.

The Etho Verified

We have created the “The Etho Verified” label to support artisans and companies that don’t yet have an official Fair Trade or organic certification. As a platform, we are giving a promise to ethical consumers that any product they buy through The Etho is made with respect to the makers and the environment.

All this is done to benefit our sellers. The label will help gain customers´ trust and can also be used by The Etho sellers in their own communications. Info on our verification system can be found here, where you can also learn more about the label and what it signifies.

You may know that “The Etho Verified” is not our only label. You can learn more about the rest of our labels in our Ethical Glossary.

Other Certifications

New sellers with the following Fair Trade and environmental certifications are automatically approved by The Etho.

Why are these labels selected?
The selection of these labels/certifications follows the World Fair Trade Organization´s list of trusted Fair Trade certifications, on top of which we have added few organic & eco labels. The above are accepted globally as official Fair Trade certifying organizations because they have an internal monitoring system (=regular reporting) in place and also non-partial, third-party auditing for their members, all the way to the initial producers. Any seller belonging to the above organizations receive “The Etho Verified” -logo automatically, although we are still interested in learning more about these sellers’ production for our communications and marketing.

Why is Fair Trade Federation not included in the list?
Many The Etho sellers are members of Fair Trade Federation. Fair Trade Federation is a membership organization, but it is not officially called a Fair Trade Certification, read their FAQ here.

If you have any questions about your Fair Trade Federation membership, and why it is not a certification, please read this article by the FTF.

Updates on certifications The Etho has applied for:

As we wish to be a credible actor in the ethical business and in promoting ethical and ecological production, we ourselves have applied the World Fair Trade Organization and B Corp certifications. We are already connected with the global fair trade organizations and in the future hope to utilize their tools and reporting on ethics (including living wages) even more.

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