3 Fashion Materials You Should Ditch For A Sustainable Wardrobe

Posted on March 5th, 2020

3 Fashion Materials You Should Ditch For A Sustainable Wardrobe

3 Fashion Materials You Should Ditch For A Sustainable Wardrobe

To move to an eco-friendly lifestyle means making a lot of compromises in the name of shopping more ethically, ultimately altering how we eat, dress, and live. When it comes to building a sustainable wardrobe, where you make alterations to how you shop and source pieces for your wardrobe, a big factor to sustainable fashion is avoiding pieces made with unethically-sourced fabrics. Here, we’ll list down three common fashion materials that you should say goodbye to if you plan on building a sustainable wardrobe.



Leather is a widely popular clothing material used to create almost anything from jackets, shoes, bags, you name it. While the feel and longevity of a genuine leather jacket can sound incredibly appealing to most consumers, no living being deserves to go through unspeakable amounts of pain just to appease our vanity. In the name of fast and high fashion, animals such as crocodiles, cattle, snakes, among others, are often raised in inhumane living conditions and then skinned alive once they’re fully grown. If you’re looking to dress more ethically, try faux leather or ditch the look entirely.



Much like leather, genuine fur products are more often than not the byproduct of animals such as rodents, cats, dogs, and other animals suffering inhumane deaths just to collect their fur. A prime example of this is mink fur, which is used in highly coveted coats, shoes, and even false eyelashes. The downside to making the switch for “faux fur” is that fast fashion companies sometimes label genuine fur products with “cruelty-free” labels as they are sometimes cheaper to produce compared to synthetic fur. If you’re truly willing to make the switch, avoid anything fur entirely.



The horrible truth about feathers in fashion is that there’s almost no humane way to harvest feathers for fashion. In order to avoid compromising the quality of the feathers, they’re often forcefully and quickly pulled from live birds before they’re slaughtered for meat. More often than not, birds go through this torture three times (farmers wait for them to regrow their feathers) before being butchered for meat.


If you want to incorporate feathers in your wardrobe, opt for those with made with synthetic feathers instead. A good plus side to this is that synthetic feathers are likely to last in your closet much longer than the real thing ever will. Because these synthetic feathers are made with polyester, they are also much easier to clean.


Now, while you might need to heavily consider cutting these particular materials out (and a lot more than this) to build yourself a sustainable wardrobe, one thing you don’t need to let go of is style. Style is never something that you need to sacrifice, much like you needn’t sacrifice good taste when going full vegan. At The Etho, you can rest assured that all pieces in-store are carefully curated to ensure that you can be shop ethically without compromising style. Make the switch, you won’t regret it one bit.

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