Breaking Down The Top Trends In Sustainable Fashion For 2020

Posted on February 4th, 2020

Breaking Down The Top Trends In Sustainable Fashion For 2020

Breaking Down The Top Trends In Sustainable Fashion For 2020

Sustainable fashion is a buzzword you’ve likely heard quite a bit in recent years. With the damages of fast fashion becoming more and more apparent, consumers are looking for another option that gives them a way to look their best while doing their best for the world around them. Sustainable fashion does this job beautifully and takes care to observe sustainable manufacturing processes while supporting artisans instead of corporations with less than admirable ethics.


With the popularity of sustainable fashion, trends are of course going to emerge. Keeping on top of these trends not only gets you in the thick of what makes sustainable fashion great, but it also keeps you perfectly in style for the year 2020.


The Top Sustainable Trends For 2020 You Shouldn’t Ignore


If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe with sustainable fashions, starting with this year's biggest trends is a great way to go. Some of the top trends for 2020 that no sustainable fashion maven should ignore are:


  • Excited about algae – Part of what makes sustainable fashion sustainable is the materials used in creating the pieces. One resource that has become a huge trend in sustainable fashion in recent years is algae or that slimy stuff that floats on the surface of ponds or lakes. While one may look at algae and think one thing, it’s actually an excellent material to source for textiles, and harvesting algae is not harmful to the environment. Not just for textiles, you may see algae used for shoes or bags as well.


  • Koba – Like algae, Koba is a common product that many don’t think of fashion when they see. This raw material corn byproduct is sustainable and vegan, so you may see it more frequently when looking at vegan sustainable pieces. It’s typically used in place of nylon or polyester.


  • Sustainable basics – 2020 is getting back to the basics, and really focusing on those staple pieces you’ll wear and re-wear again and again. One big point of sustainable fashion is clothing you’ll really wear, rather than clothing that sits in the closet until the time comes that it ends up in the local landfill. Sustainable basics take care of two needs – sustainable clothing manufacturing and making sure clothes will be well-loved and well-worn.


  • Thrifting – Thrifting is another huge sustainable fashion trend, and it ensures that the fewest clothing pieces wind up in the trash. Thrifting pieces give you funky vintage looks and pieces you can transform into something that really speaks to you.


Finding Those Sustainable Musts


Finding those sustainable musts is a lot of fun, and it gives you a way to really break into sustainable fashion to see just what it's all about. From your basics to your statement pieces, there’s something eco-conscious and guilt-free out there for anyone. If you’re looking to give your wardrobe a makeover with sustainable fashion, we have just what you need. Check us at out The Etho to see what we have for your closet today.

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