How Can I Make My Wardrobe More Sustainable

Posted on February 20th, 2020

How Can I Make My Wardrobe More Sustainable

How Can I Make My Wardrobe More Sustainable

With fast fashion reigning supreme for the better part of a decade, we’re just now seeing the kind of damage this approach to clothing really causes. Landfills struggling to handle an influx of textiles and clothing pieces, companies employing less than ethical practices to get their pieces made and made quickly. While fast fashion is convenient and inexpensive, it has become far more costly to our environment than many have imagined.


In light of the toll fast fashion has taken on our planet, sustainable fashion is breaking through to become the new and lasting way to build a wardrobe. Unlike fast fashion, these pieces are built to last, they’re built using real craftsmanship and traditional methods, and they’re set to help to repair the damages that fast fashion has caused. The bottom line is that sustainable fashion matters, and learning to dress more sustainably has become a priority for many across the globe.


Tips For A More Sustainable Wardrobe


A few tips can help any person to convert to a more sustainable wardrobe, and to help them to make a positive impact using what they wear and how they express themselves. A few tips for a more sustainable wardrobe are:


  • The wears test – Rather than buying a piece simply because it’s on-trend, why not buy a piece you know you’ll wear? These trend pieces are often only worn a handful of times and thrown away, leading to more clothing filling up landfills across the United States. Before buying a piece, ask yourself if you’ll wear it 10 times, if you’ll wear it 15 times, or if you’ll wear it 20 times. If you can’t answer honestly that you will wear a piece more than 10 times, it’s probably better to skip over it altogether.


  • Research your fashion – You may see a top on a store rack and you don’t think about much more than grabbing it and running to the register. However, do you know what went into making that garment? The answer to that question might surprise you. Researching your fashion and purchasing from artisans and sustainable creators let you feel good about what you feel good in.


  • Go for trans-seasonal – Any piece you can wear throughout the year is a piece you can celebrate. When you’re shopping for your summer or winter wardrobes, try to opt for pieces that you can transition from season to season. Cardigan sweaters that work to cozy up during a snowstorm or keep a spring chill at bay, tailored shorts that look sharp with a pair of wool tights or strappy sandals.


  • Try vintage – Vintage never goes out of style, and what was trendy once will be trendy again in just a handful of years. Opting for vintage pieces is the best way to reuse, reduce, and recycle.



Sustainability You Can Feel Good About


If you’re looking for sustainable pieces you can feel good about, we have just what you need. Check out what we have in store at The Etho and find your next favorite piece of sustainable fashion today.

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