How To Choose The Best Halloween Chocolate

Posted on October 29th, 2019

How To Choose The Best Halloween Chocolate

How To Choose The Best Halloween Chocolate

Halloween is all about tricks and treats, with the latter being a pretty important part of the spooky season. Around the Halloween season, you’re likely to see quite a number of chocolates on store shelves, but not all chocolate is created equally. Cheap Halloween chocolate is a big issue, and many don’t realize the harm they may be causing by opting for the cheap stuff over something a bit more sustainable. 

One surprising fact that most don’t realize is that not only does this cheap chocolate support abusive practices in many cases, but it might be made of very little actual chocolate at all. What you’re truly getting is more of a chocolate-flavored product that is packed full of potentially harmful synthetic ingredients that don’t do much by way of actual flavor. 

If you’re handing out candy to trick or treaters, or throwing a sweet Halloween bash, we have a few reasons for taking a more sustainable approach to chocolate this Halloween season. 

Why Go Sustainable With Your Chocolate 

Sustainable chocolate isn’t just chocolate you can feel good about purchasing, it's chocolate that prides itself on authenticity. A few reasons to opt for sustainable and fair trade chocolate products this Halloween are: 

It’s taste-tested

Most non-fair trade chocolate farmers don’t taste or experience their chocolate before selling it, and this can lead to lesser quality chocolate with a taste to match. Fairtrade chocolate farmers take great pride in the chocolate they produce and will taste their products to make sure that only the best is being released to the public. This lets you know you’ve purchased a product that has been personally spoken for. 

Supporting farmers and fair wages

Fair Trade chocolate supports farmers and sustainable farming practices, which includes fair wages and fair working conditions. When you buy sustainable chocolate that is fair trade certified, you know you’re supporting the very farmers who keep chocolate delicious and available through years of hard work and expertise. 

Keeping up the healthy factor

In recent years, more and more has been realized about the health benefits of chocolate. However, you only really get to reap these health rewards if your chocolate is authentic, as it’s the cocoa that really brings the antioxidant and probiotic benefits in the first place. Sustainable chocolate is real chocolate, and it brings with it all the benefits that genuine chocolate has to offer.

Better Chocolate For A Sweeter Season 

When you’re picking between tricks and treats this Halloween season, it’s better to go with the treats! With sustainable and genuine chocolate, you’re getting no tricks, and only the chocolate treats you’ll truly love. Not only will your treats taste great, but they’ll also leave you feeling better knowing that you’ve made a conscious effort to improve the chocolate trade as a whole. Instead of opting for those cheap “chocolates”, which may be made with little to no chocolate at all, go with authenticity to benefit from all of the amazing things that chocolate has to offer. 

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