Minimalist Fashion The Key To Sustainable Fashion

Posted on March 27th, 2020

Minimalist Fashion The Key To Sustainable Fashion

Minimalist Fashion The Key To Sustainable Fashion

Minimalist fashion is all about keeping your wardrobe simple. This means avoiding fads and trends that are likely to come and go in a matter of weeks. A minimalist fashion style aims for timelessness. A minimalist wardrobe would consist of a few basic pieces and a small selection of colors. The key here is being able to easily mix and match the pieces.

How can minimalist fashion be sustainable?

Minimalist fashion’s primary aim at first is not a sustainable fashion. In the years before the advent of sustainable fashion, minimalist fashion was heralded for small, organized wardrobes and smaller expenses on clothes. Despite this, however, minimalist fashion core values actually align well with sustainable fashion’s goals.

Minimalist fashion contributes to less waste from the fashion industry

As mentioned earlier, a minimalist fashion style does not follow trends. Someone who adheres to minimalist fashion has a very distinct style that is unaffected by trends, so they choose pieces that they can wear for a long time. These are pieces that never go out of fashion, sometimes called the basics. Some examples of these would be clothes with streamlined shapes, plain or classic prints, and neutral colors. Aside from their timelessness these types of clothes also tend to be versatile, so they can easily be mixed and matched and worn in a variety of settings.

Minimalist fashion leads to well-thought-out, sustainable fashion choices

Minimalist fashion, with its aim on longevity and versatility, does not often mix well with fast fashion brands that produce, essentially, disposable pieces. Shopping for a minimalist wardrobe means finding durable pieces—think of your grandma’s or your mom’s clothes that you proudly wear as vintage. There is a downside, however, especially for someone who has just started shopping for sustainable minimalist fashion, and that is the price. Durable pieces often do not come cheap because they are made with high-quality materials.

The good thing about minimalist fashion is that even though the pieces can be pricey, they can be treated as a type of investment since they can be used for a long period of time. The key is to be more mindful when shopping: does the item fit your style? Is it made with durable materials? Was it sustainably made? Since minimalist fashionistas buy less, they take their time researching the pieces they buy. They can make sure that it is both fashionable and sustainable.

Minimalist fashion promotes longer life cycle of clothes

Because of the emphasis on timelessness, minimalist fashion requires extra care for clothes. Taking care of clothes does not just include washing, but also repairs. If an item has a hole or a missing button, this is not yet causing to throw that item away—sew it or have it repaired by a professional. Following the minimalist fashion style means prolonging the life cycle of a piece of clothing for as long as possible. This is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet.

Ready to go minimalist?

The overall benefit of minimalist fashion style is less shopping, which in turn, translates to less demand for fast fashion items. In itself, minimalist fashion is already more sustainable than fast fashion, but it could have a greater impact on the environment when coupled with mindful sustainable fashion shopping. The next time you want to shop for minimalist, sustainable fashion items, head on to The Etho.

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