New Year, New Goals: What does Sustainability Mean for your business?

Posted on January 15th, 2020

New Year, New Goals: What does Sustainability Mean for your business?

New Year, New Goals: What does Sustainability Mean for your business?

Can you believe we are already one week into this brand-new decade? As a new year begins, we hope you’re already crushing the business goals you’ve set for this year. Countless studies show that the best way to accomplish any goal – no matter what time of year you set it – is to create attainable targets and a realistic game plan. Whether your aim is to create more engagement with your customers, launch a new product, or connect with other like-minded brands, the key is to act with intentionality by defining your objectives.

At the Etho, one of our missions is to provide resources on both sides of the platform: for our customers, we seek to guide their journey to a sustainable lifestyle by connecting them to brands like yours. For our makers, we aim to support you in all aspects of your business. We believe that one of the best ways to achieve both goals is through education, so we are kicking off this year by going back to the basics and defining the terms around conscious consumerism.

This week, in our customer newsletter, we launched a series introducing readers to the ethical glossary on our website. Inspired by this article distinguishing between Conscious, Ethical and Cruelty-free Fashion, we want to help our customers get to know our makers by understanding both their similarities and differences. Here’s a quick clip from our most recent consumer blog:

“For example, did you know that the term “ethical” usually refers to the treatment of people (e.g., working conditions and compensation) whereas “sustainable” typically applies to environmental impact (e.g., the manufacturing process and its effect on the planet)?”

We believe that clarifying terms like “ethical” and “sustainable” or defining terms like “fair trade” and “organic” not only educates customers, but helps them better connect to the story and mission behind your brand. In turn, these deeper connections encourages our customers to participate in the Etho’s broader mission to eradicate poverty by supporting 100 million women on the platform in 2030. 

As you look ahead to your business goals for 2020 (and beyond!), what are some ways you can outline your values to customers and create deeper connections to your ongoing mission? How can we become a better resource for you on your journey? Leave a comment on Instagram @shoptheetho!

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