Sustainable Fashion And Starting The Conversation

Posted on November 15th, 2019

Sustainable Fashion And Starting The Conversation

Sustainable Fashion And Starting The Conversation

Sustainable Fashion And Starting The Conversation

Don't fret if you don't know what sustainable fashion is, as things are going to be explained in layman's terms here. Firstly, it is also commonly called eco-fashion. According to an article published on the Green Strategy website, sustainable fashion can be defined as clothing, shoes, and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible. The process takes both socioeconomic elements and the environment into account.


All aspects of the product's life cycle are taken into consideration, from manufacturing to transporting, reusing, and recycling the item. This method is not just a fad that is going to disappear in a few years. Rather, more and more consumers are jumping on board with the program to ensure that it sticks around for years and years to come. This is a good thing, as there is only one Earth with limited resources that may eventually become depleted.


Also, if water, air, and other types of pollution continue to grow, the future may be quite bleak for future generations. So, those that are into sustainable fashion should spread the word about its benefits. In doing so, they will help the cause and get others to join in.

How To Begin A Conversation About Sustainable Fashion

In many cases, persons don't have to do much to get a discussion going. For instance, if somebody comes up to them and complements their clothing or accessories, they can talk to the individual about where they got it from, such as The Etho, and how it was made. The wearer can touch on points about the importance of eco-fashion, and with a little luck, they can get the other party involved in the process. This approach is somewhat laid back, but it can certainly do the trick. 


Take A More Proactive Approach

An individual doesn't have to merely sit back and wait for the conversation to come to them. For example, the next time a woman heads to the gym with a group of her friends, in a new Flora Helix Reversible Yoga Top, she can converse with the others about sustainable fashion. She can bring up that her new clothing is...

  • Made From Sustainable Materials, Which Are Also Recyclable
  • Created By A Brand That Is Connected To Nature
  • An Option That Gives Back
  • Made In The USA


The BFFs will likely be more than happy to listen before, during, or after the workout. Plus, they will probably discuss the matter further with their peers and co-workers. Thus, the cycle will continue until everybody knows about sustainable fashion.


Yet, Another Way To Strike Up A Conversation

College students that are all about protecting the environment should consider bringing up the topic in one of their classes, especially if it relates to the subject. The instructor, as well as the other pupils, dive into the pros and cons of sustainable fashion. Positives should far outweigh any negatives that people come up with, but either way, the conversation will be started, which, in turn, promotes the process.

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