Sustainable Holiday Habits: Shopping

Posted on November 5th, 2019

Sustainable Holiday Habits: Shopping

Sustainable Holiday Habits: Shopping

In Western society, the holiday season has become less about tradition, community, and spirituality—and more about shopping. Even Thanksgiving, a holiday thematically rooted in gratitude and appreciation, has become to some nothing more than a filling meal before countless hours of monetary indulgence on Black Friday.

Not only do these new consumption norms take away from the spirit of the holidays as a whole— but they also directly impact the environment and workers in a way that makes conscious consumers shriek. According to National Geographic, shoppers spend more during Black Friday than they do at any other time of the year, a large percentage of which is spent on fast-fashion products. When it comes to fast fashion, a truckload of textile waste is created every second. By now, the environmental and human rights violations associated with fast fashion and hyper-consumerism are no secret.

There's not much we can do to eliminate shopping from the holiday season, and why would we want to? We're no Grinch. When we give gifts, we are showing appreciation for the ones we love. And, by shopping through sustainable resources like us, you can show your appreciation for the environment, and the artists who created your present.

Our Sustainable Picks

Our best tip for holiday shopping is to gift something you know the receiver will love and can use for years to come. The high-quality options from our partners at are no exception. With hundreds of items from clothes, shoes, and accessories, to coffee, yoga mats, and home decor—there is something for everyone. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Immerse Soaking Salts: A warm bath + our organic, therapeutic soaking salts are a recipe for luxury. Handmade and infused with essential oils, conducive to a natural relaxation. (Plus, it comes in a cute reusable bottle!)
  • No Slack Pant: These chino-inspired joggers are made in the USA from recycled clothes and textile scraps. But, make no mistake—these joggers have been meticulously crafted for a high-quality fit that will never wear out.
  • 1320 Coffee: This rich blend is ethically sourced from Latin America and roasted meticulously roasted in New York. Perfect for a coffee connoisseur seeking a classic city cup.
  • Earthy Candle Sampler: There is something for everyone in our 3-tin candle set. These Earthy scents are made from a naturally fragrant formula that doubles as body butter and solid perfume or cologne.

Looking for some more sustainable inspiration? Find unique gifts from local small businesses and thrift shops, DIY a gift, or find the perfect item for that special someone with our Ethical Gift Guide.

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