What You Need To Know About Sustainable Fashion

Posted on February 6th, 2020

What You Need To Know About Sustainable Fashion

What You Need To Know About Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion has become quite the buzzword in recent years. While some may know that shopping sustainably is important, they may not little else about it. Learning the “why” when it comes to sustainable fashion quickly shows just how these pieces can help to make our planet a better place. Sustainable fashion pieces take care to observe sustainable manufacturing processes, they support real artisans doing what they do best, and they give us a way to look our best while we really feel good about what we’re wearing.


The best way to see just how sustainable fashion can improve our lives is simple – we get better acquainted with it and all the benefits associated with dressing sustainably.


Fast Facts On Sustainable Fashion


A few fast facts can show you the sheer impact sustainable fashion really has on our lives, and how it counteracts the damages that have been caused by fast fashion trends in the past handful of years. Throughout the early 2000s until about 2015, fast fashions reigned supreme, with fast fashion stores pumping out “disposable” pieces made to last for just about a season. These pieces focused on the minute to minute trends, pieces are created as quickly and as inexpensively as possible, and they were destined to be “one season” only wears. Sustainable fashion is the opposite of that, and it helps us to repair some of the damages fast fashions have caused. Some fast facts about sustainable fashion are:


  • Fast fashion wastes water – Water is a necessary natural resource that is in short supply for many around the world, and fast fashion creators wastewater at alarming rates. Quickly dying textiles using standard methods is one of the biggest water pollution problems in the world, therefore wasting water that could be otherwise used by those who need it.


  • Sustainable fashions promote artisans – Artisans use their creativity to create pieces that set trends, not just follow them. Sustainable fashion pieces promote these artisans and give them the support they need to keep creating.


  • Sustainable fashions take the pressure off of landfills – Landfills are filling up, and it’s causing a great environmental concern all over the world. Pieces that are made to last a season or two are destined to wind up in landfills – so these pieces create pollution and excessive use of resources during manufacture only to wind up polluting the earth even further when they’re no longer wearable or in style. Sustainable fashions are built to last, and they’re built to break down with integrity.


The Importance Of Sustainability


Sustainability and eco-consciousness are becoming a big trend in many aspects of life. From building homes to creating technologies, and now with sustainable fashions. The importance of sustainability is apparent, and it’s our way to enjoy our lives while knowing that we’re doing what’s best for the planet around us. If you’re looking for those perfect sustainable pieces to create your eco-friendly closet, check out what we have in store at The Etho today.

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