The Etho Stories

Sydney Talks Sustainability

September 18th 2020

Hi, I’m Sydney Sherman, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of The Etho.  On behalf of The Etho, I hope that you’re staying safe during these crazy times.  

Fast Consumption Reveals Americas Need to Slow Down

September 7th 2020

STATUS QUO Fast Fashion makes trends quickly and cheaply available to consumers. This status quo is applicable across industries too: Fast Food, Fast-Paced work, Fast and Furious...

The Fashion Construction That Can Help To Save The World

August 31st 2020

The way we’ve grown used to consuming fashion has had a serious environmental impact on our planet. As we grow more aware of the state of our planet, and how our impacts damage the world we live...

3 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Food Waste

August 17th 2020

Recently, The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a national goal toreduce food waste by 50% by 2030. Every year, 133...

The Benefits of Natural Dyes for Sustainable Clothing

July 24th 2020

When you are looking to achieve a greener lifestyle, then you have probably already looked into the benefits of sustainable clothing. However, it also helps to look into it a bit further. If you...

The Big Problem With Microplastics

July 6th 2020

Frequently, the smallest actions can make the biggest differences and the tiniest thorns can be the largest pains. This is the case with microplastics. Microplastics are small plastic pieces less...

The Straw That Broke Disposable Plastics Back

June 24th 2020

The use and disposal of plastic straws became a trending topic last summer, and as this summer begins, the conversation continues. Despite the infamous status of this topic, a lot of people are...

Closing The Circle With Coffee Grown Mushrooms

June 22nd 2020

As we are discovering with many ingredients in today's innovative consumer economy, coffee is quite the underutilized product. In fact, when we brew a cup, only 1% of our coffee actually ends up...

We needed a better term, so we made our own! Learn more about Etho-Economy.

June 17th 2020

Because of the abundance of vague (and potentially misleading) vocabulary floating around in the ethical/sustainable product space, we found ourselves continually grasping for a term to describe...

Are Avocados Toast?

June 15th 2020

Everyone loves avocado toast! A nutritious wheat bread topped with a spread of avocado and a pinch of salt or sesame seeds is a wonderful treat any day. But, ten, five, or even three years ago,...