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Mens Fall Fashion Done Sustainably

October 16th 2020

Men’s Fall Fashion Done Sustainably While women’s fall fashion might get all the time in the spotlight, men’s fall fashion is just as important. For guys looking for those key fashion pieces this...

365 Opportunities to Make Sustainable Life Choices

September 28th 2020

Most years have 365 days, which means that there are well over 365 opportunities to make sustainable life choices. Now, it's unrealistic to assume that you can take 365 unique steps. But, if you...

Sydney Talks Sustainability

September 18th 2020

Hi, I’m Sydney Sherman, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of The Etho.  On behalf of The Etho, I hope that you’re staying safe during these crazy times.  

Fashion Industry Facts To Convince You To Switch To Sustainable Fashion

August 28th 2020

In the last decade, the fashion industry has been under pressure to be more sustainable. While some brands have heeded the call of environmentalists to make their processes more sustainable, there...

How Can I Make My Wardrobe More Sustainable

August 21st 2020

With fast fashion reigning supreme for the better part of a decade, we’re just now seeing the kind of damage this approach to clothing really causes. Landfills struggling to handle an influx of...

What You Need To Know About Sustainable Fashion

June 29th 2020

Sustainable fashion has become quite the buzzword in recent years. While some may know that shopping sustainably is important, they may not little else about it. Learning the “why” when it comes...

Minimalist Fashion The Key To Sustainable Fashion

May 27th 2020

Minimalist fashion is all about keeping your wardrobe simple. This means avoiding fads and trends that are likely to come and go in a matter of weeks. A minimalist fashion style aims for...

3 Fashion Materials You Should Ditch For A Sustainable Wardrobe

May 25th 2020

To move to an eco-friendly lifestyle means making a lot of compromises in the name of shopping more ethically, ultimately altering how we eat, dress, and live. When it comes to building a...

Sustainable Fashion - What Does it Really Mean?

May 20th 2020

With the effects of climate change being more apparent nowadays, more people are becoming aware of the need to save the environment (though, arguably, not enough are concerned enough). It is no...