The Fashion Construction That Can Help To Save The World

Posted on August 31st 2020

The Fashion Construction That Can Help To Save The World

August 31st 2020

The way we’ve grown used to consuming fashion has had a serious environmental impact on our planet. As we grow more aware of the state of our planet, and how our impacts damage the world we live in, many individuals have become passionate about living in a more eco-conscious way. One way individuals are expressing this passion is through fashion, and righting the wrongs fashion has committed in the past. From organic fabrics to sustainable cotton, we’re seeing textiles today that were not in the mainstream just a short decade ago.

There are so many different creative ways to create textiles sustainably, and the sustainable fashion world is making use of all of them. In many cases, these fabrics and textiles feel even better than what we’ve grown used to, and many find that they hold up much better as well. Not only are you helping the environment, but you’re investing in pieces you can love for far longer than just a season or two.

The Top Textiles To Look Out For

Human creativity has no bounds, and we’re seeing this firsthand with the many sustainable fabrics coming out in the sustainable fashion industry today. Some of the top textiles to look out for are:

  • Fruit “leathers” – Vegan leathers are in high demand, as individuals want the look and luxe feel of leather but without any harm to the environment or the planet’s animals. Fruit leathers are both sustainable and animal by-product free, allowing them to be the perfect vegan option that looks and feels like the real thing. The creation of these leathers requires less water, no harmful chemicals, and no harm to wildlife, and they can be made from fruit waste materials.
  • Sustainable wool – While not vegan, sustainable wool is an eco-conscious mainstay and has been for many generations. As a matter of fact, people have been wearing wool for thousands of years all across the globe. It’s renewable, it’s durable, it’s biodegradable, and it’s a byproduct that comes from the natural shearing of animals that occurs throughout the seasons anyway. When treated right, wool fabrics can last for a lifetime or longer.
  • Organic cotton – Not all cotton is created equal. When cotton is grown organically and sustainably, without chemical pesticides or a waste of water, it can be an excellent versatile choice in the sustainable fashion industry. Support of sustainable cotton farmers through the purchasing of sustainable cotton products also helps to promote eco-conscious fashion as a whole.


Switching To Sustainable

For many, switching to sustainability is a priority, and this trend is growing rapidly. When you wear sustainable, you have a little reminder each day of the importance of our planet and how our impact impacts everything around us. Many find that not only do they feel good about wearing sustainable fashion, but they look great as well, and they have pieces they can love for the season after season. If you’re interested in finding your next favorite sustainable piece, see what we have in store at The Etho today.