Meaningful Gift Giving For The Holidays

Posted on November 1st, 2019

Meaningful Gift Giving For The Holidays

Meaningful Gift Giving For The Holidays

Ideas For Meaningful Gift Giving This Holiday Season


The holiday season is sneaking up quickly, and that means that in the very near future you’ll have to sit down and think about what you’re going to give to co-workers, loved ones, hosts and hostesses, and your nearest and dearest friends. Meaningful gift giving is one of the hottest trends in gifting right now, and it’s one that’s pretty easy to get behind. Fast fashion and fast giving might be easy, but it’s not giving that you can really feel good about it. Rather than opting for fast and easy, you and your recipients can feel good knowing that your gift is doing good in the world and leaving it a better place.


What does meaningful gift giving really refer to? Well, it encompasses a few different things. First and foremost, it’s gifts that are made using human hands, human innovation, and human thought. Not only is your giving of the gift meaningful, but the creation of the gift is meaningful as well. Next, you can rest assured that your gift has been made sustainably, and it leaves the world a better place instead of implementing problematic practices. Meaningful gift giving is conscious gift giving, and it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving in a multitude of ways.


How To Choose The Right Gifts


Perhaps you’ve head of meaningful gift giving, but you haven’t looked further into it yet. A few ideas can make meaningful gift giving easy and fun, and you can find something for everyone in a sustainable and conscious way. A few ideas for meaningful gifts you can give this holiday season are:


  • For your best friend – When you’re looking for a meaningful gift to give your best friend, something they can wear to remind them of you is a great place to start. Conscious jewelry like necklaces or earrings are beautiful choices, and it’s these trinkets they can hold on to forever as a special token of your friendship. With human made and conscious jewelry gifts, you’re getting the full creativity of genuine artists, and you know that each piece will have its own unique touch.


  • For your hostess – Host and hostess gifts show your appreciation to those who invite you over for those big meals, family gatherings, and fun get togethers this holiday season. Host and hostess gifts made sustainable and consumable are excellent choices for the ideal “thank you” gift. Bath bombs, soaps, and edible gifts are an excellent meaningful place to start.


  • For your boss – Meaningful gifting doesn’t have to stop at those “bigger” or more personal gifts, and even those gifts you give to your boss or co-workers can be sustainable and conscious as well. A sustainably made tray or catch-all for desk tops that keep workspaces organized will be appreciated by any recipient.


Feel Good This Holiday Season


When you gift with meaning, you’re not just giving a gift once. You’re supporting real local artists and artisans, you’re making the world a better place, and you’re including human uniqueness; which makes three gifts given in one. When you give meaningfully and sustainably, you’re setting yourself up for the best holiday season yet.

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