Why Sustainable Fashion Is Perfect For Fall

Posted on October 12th 2020

Why Sustainable Fashion Is Perfect For Fall

October 12th 2020

With autumn, many parts of the country are experiencing colder weather in addition to shorter days. It’s that time of year when fashion changes, and function—especially staying warm—takes more precedence. But it also offers an opportunity for a lot of unique combinations and, of course, layers!

But in these modern days, many of us are thinking about more than just the fashion we buy and wear. We’re also thinking about the ethics behind that fashion, the environmentalism, and social justice. We are concerned about sustainability in other aspects of our lives, and when it comes to our fall fashions this year, we can be concerned too. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good practice to think about.

The Fashion Shines Through

Perhaps most important for fashionistas, there doesn’t have to be a compromise between sustainability and fashion itself. Just because something has been made without a severe impact on the environment, and ensuring that workers and artisans are treated fairly, that doesn’t mean that this somehow hurts the look of the clothing itself.

Sustainable fashion changes the methods of production, not artistry. Fashion designers can still experiment, be bold, and be eye-catching. It just means that now, when you decide to buy that leather jacket, you do so knowing that there was no worker exploitation, no severe impact on the environment, and, for you, no guilt. But it still looks great!

It’s Trending

If you’re thinking about fashionability, then sustainable fashion, is itself, very fashionable right now. Some people worry that this very trendiness is a temporary thing and that once the spotlight has roamed, notions about the ethics or environmentalism behind clothing won’t matter so much.

However, the fact that sustainable fashion is trending right now means that more people are aware of the importance of these choices. It doesn’t take away from how helpful these choices are if people continue to make them. Every great act is made up of millions of smaller acts coming together. If the trend of sustainable fashion is something you’re only just aware of now, this is your chance to make a permanent choice for the better. For yourself, for the world, for the future.

It’s About Quality

When it comes to fashion, one of the big questions is always about value. In this regard, sustainable fashion is all about making sure people get what they deserve. Buying sustainable fashion items means for you, the consumer, an immediate reassurance that you are buying a high-quality product. Sustainable fashion isn’t cheap, but then nothing with quality behind it is.

This means that you get an item of clothing that is durable, reliable, and will last you for the years to come. That’s because the people who made that clothing for you have a stake in it. They were treated with dignity, they were paid fairly for their skill, time and effort, and investments were made to ensure the method of production didn’t have a negative, irreparable impact on the world we live in.

So if you’re thinking of new fashions for fall, think about making them sustainable, find your next item or accessory at The Etho.